Beach Bar 21+ of the Best Bars in Sayulita for Every Occasion
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21+ of the Best Bars in Sayulita for Every Occasion

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Sayulita, Mexico has been discovered. No longer the exclusive haunt of locals, surfers, and barefooted hippies, today you’ll find a much broader cross-section of visitors and residents.

Weekend visitors from Guadalajara, backpackers, yuppies, digital nomads, young families, retirees, wedding parties, and even the dreaded bachelor and bachelorette parties have locked in on this beautiful part of the world. And with the crowds has come the demand for great bars. From low-key beach bars to high-end mezcalerias, intimate cocktail lounges to all-night party spots. Whatever kind of watering hole you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it here in Sayulita.

Psst…If you go too hard in Sayulita’s best bars, you might be looking for Sayulita’s best cafes the next day, complete with air conditioning, awesome food, and of course coffee.

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Finding the Best Bars in Sayulita for Any Occasion

Sayulita is renowned for its beautiful year-round climate, jaw-dropping scenery, and consistent wave. So, it’s easy to see why this former fishing village on the Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s pacific coast has been selected alongside other ‘pueblo magicos’ like Oaxaca, Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, and San Cristobal as a dream destination for ex-pats and holidaymakers from Mexico and all over the globe.

The boom here has delivered a wave of interest and development to the formerly sleepy beach town of Sayulita. One upside of that development is the bars, pubs, and clubs that have sprung up throughout the small town. As a result, Sayulita has become the number one destination for partying on the Riviera Nayarit.

After first visiting Sayulita in September 2019 during shoulder season, we returned on New Year’s Eve Eve 2021, at the height of the busy season. The holidays were in full swing, and it was the best time to discover the best bars in Sayulita.

But which bars are all show and no go? Which bars have the best margaritas at the best prices? Where can I catch a game? Sip cerveza on the beach? Or, party into the wee hours? We’ve done the hard yards and set out to separate the best from the rest.

Be warned Sayuylita waxes and wanes with the season, and it’s not unusual for many bars and restaurants to change their operating hours or shut up shop entirely during low season.

Top 10 Best Bars in Sayulita

These are our favorite bars in Sayulita (and a couple nearby) that you need to visit.

  1. Bar Le Zouave
  2. Cava
  3. Atico
  4. Bar Miramar
  5. El Patio
  6. Aaleya’s
  7. Lucid
  8. Don Pato
  9. Sayulita Public House
  10. Coco’s Beach Club

Honorable Mentions

  1. Arigato Brew and Bake(San Pancho)
  2. Cerveceria Artisinal (San Pancho)
  3. La Baba del Diablo (San Pancho)

Best Cocktail Bars in Sayulita

Sayulita is capitalizing on its popularity amongst a young and cashed-up crowd from around Mexico and abroad dreaming of margaritas and mojitos. However, with a cocktail bar on every corner, it is hard to know just which one is worth visiting.

Luckily we’ve done the hard work for you and sipped our way through the many margaritas of Sayulita to round up the very best.

1. Bar Le Zouave – For Smaller Groups and The Best Margarita in Sayulita

A margarita at Bar Le Zouave, one of Sayulitas best bars
Bar Le Zouave is one of our favorite bars and the best bar for cocktails in Sayulita

Bar Le Zouave is a personal favorite amongst the cocktail bars in Sayulita. This small bar has a lounge-style feel with low lighting, soft music, and intimate space. Bar Le Zouave, in our opinion, serves the best margarita in Sayulita hands down. Expect to find uniquely crafted margaritas and cocktails paired alongside the classics, all crafted exceptionally well. Perfect to spend a few hours chatting over their awesome cocktails.

2. CAVA – To Sample Unique Agave Spirits

A cocktail at Cava, one of Sayulitas best bars
Bar Cava, the Sayulita bar for mezcal and agave spirit cocktails

This happening bar in Sayulita is a favorite amongst travelers, ex-pats, and agave enthusiasts. Cava straddles the line between a mezcaleria and a cocktail bar but leans into the latter.

You won’t find any name-brand spirits here as the tequila, mezcal, and raicilla are used in their carefully crafted cocktails are all sourced from small-batch distilleries found throughout Mexico.

Not only is each spirit used here personally selected and unique, but knowledgeable bartenders craft their unique cocktails from the freshest ingredients on the spot. Menu highlights include pineapple on fire, a smokey mezcal cocktail with muddled pineapple and serrano peppers; and the Poblano Escobar with raicilla, orange liqueur blended with pineapple, poblano pepper, and lime.

Cava also regularly host events or promotions such as 50% off cocktails for ladies’ night and live music.

3. Wild Iris Bar – For Fresh Fruit Margaritas in Sayulita

A margarita at Wild Iris one of Sayulitas best bars
Fresh ingredients are the secret behind these unique margaritas

Another cocktail bar in Sayulita that you shouldn’t miss is Wild Iris Bar which offers a range of different margarita options alongside a handful of other cocktails, it might take some time to work your way through the list to discover your favorite. Ours is the pineapple basil marg.

  • Address: C. Gaviota 10, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.
  • Opening Hours: Monday and Tuesday from 6:00 pm – midnight; Wednesday to Sunday from 1:00 pm – midnight
  • Cost: Margarita = $100 MXN

4. Escondido Bar – The Best Cocktail Bar in Sayulita for Cool Indoor/Outdoor Space

Escondido bar, one of the best bars in Sayulita
Escondido bar, a great Sayulita bar for outdoor space

Rounding out the best cocktail bars in Sayulita is Escondido Bar. With its clean lines, white furniture, and breezy outdoor seating, it’s our pick when it comes to a beautiful and functional space to gather outside and share a drink.

Located across the corner on the main square in town, you’ll be close to the action or perfectly positioned to bar hop to the next spot.

Escondido Bar also has a range of games, like Cards Against Humanity, available for those who like a little fun with their drinks.

Be prepared to pay $180 MXN for a cocktail here, the cost for the stylish and inviting space.

  • Address: C. Marlín 45 A, 63728 Sayulita, Nay.
  • Opening Hours: Thursday to Monday from 5:00 pm – midnight
  • Cost: Margarita = $180 MXN

Best Beer Bars, Breweries, and BrewPubs in Sayulita

In our opinion, Mexico leads the charge in some of the best domestic lagers and pilsners in the world. The local cervezas like Pacifico, Modelo, and Tecate are all world-class and cheap as chips. However, if you’re feeling crafty, there are a couple of options in Sayulita and beyond.

5. Arigato Brew and Bake (San Pancho)

Arigato a great bar and restaurant in San Pancho near Sayulita
Our favorite craft beer here comes out of Arigato Bake and Brew in San Pancho

Our favorite craft beer in Sayulita is actually eight kilometers north of Sayulita in San Pancho but is well worth the trip. Arigato Brew and Bake do three seemingly unrelated things, but they do them remarkably well. Craft beer, hand-rolled sushi, and Argentinian lomitos on homemade sourdough bread.

Perhaps best described as a nano brewery, they have two taps and they rotate their own barrels seasonally. Their delicious beers are perfectly paired with bar snacks like edamame or wasabi guac.

6. YamBak

Beer lovers can visit Sayulita’s own brewery right in the middle of town next to the main plaza. The beers are ok, although not my cup of tea. However, it’s clear that I am in the minority as this place is wildly popular. After dark, it attracts a young crowd who come to party as much as sample the beer.

  • Address: C. Marlín 29, Centro, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.
  • Opening Hours:
    • Monday closed
    • Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 am
    • Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 1:00 pm to midnight
  • Cost: Craft Beer = $65 MXN

7. Cerveceria Artesanal (San Pancho)

Cerveceria Artesanal a great bar in San Pancho near Sayulita
Cerveceria Artisinal San Pancho offers craft beer in a relaxed setting

Another great option nearby Sayulitais the Cerveceria Artisanal San Pancho. They have five taps featuring craft beers from Nayarit and Guadalajara. The low-key pub is great to sit with friends and enjoy a pint or two.

Also on offer is a short menu featuring burgers, charcuterie, and finger food. An intimate and stylish venue rounds out the project with outside tables to enjoy the live music Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Best Bars for Music and Dancing in Sayulita

Sayulita is the place to be for nightlife on the Riviera Nayarit. If you love live music or like to dance your socks off, these are the best bars in Sayulita perfect for you.

8. Atico

Atico, a fun bar for live music in Sayulita
Nightly live music makes Atico a great place to grab a beer

With great live music every night, this is a great place to come and get your toes tapping to start a night on the town. Live music kicks off around nine and tables fill up around then too.

9. Don Pato

‘The’ late-night spot in Sayulita, Don Pato keeps the party going until the early morning. It’s loud, it’s busy, and the music changes each night. You can party here every night of the week and expect a different vibe each time. Don Pato really gets going after midnight.

Best Sports Bars in Sayulita

With so many Mexican and International visitors descending on Sayulita during the year, it is little wonder that there is a high demand for a decent sports bar. Sayulita has risen to the challenge with two great options.

10. Sayulita Public House

Sayulita Public House is a great bar to catch the game in Sayulita
Make friends (or enemies) at Sayulita Public House on game day

Sayulita Public House is the place to be if you are a sports lover. Just because you are in Mexico doesn’t mean that you don’t want to keep up with your team. Sayulita Public House has three large-screen TVs, cold beer, and friendly service.

11. Coco’s Sports Bar

Coco’s Sports Bar is another solid option to catch the game. Coco’s has a number of TVs, foosball, and pool tables and a menu covering your favorite Mexican and American options.

Best Beach Clubs in Sayulita

Bars on the beach in San Pancho
You have to visit some of the beach bars Sayulita has to offer

Sayulita and the rest of the Riviera Nayarit have some of the most beautiful coastlines in the whole of Mexico. And one of the best ways to enjoy it is to pull up a beach chair at one of the many beach bars and beach clubs on Sayulita’s main beach and enjoy the view with a pacifico or fresh margarita.

12. El Patio

By day this beachfront bar is a great place to sit with the sand between your toes and enjoy a beer and some fresh seafood. In the evening, enjoy cocktails and entertainment until 11 pm as well as occasional events and beach parties. El Patio is easily one of the best beach clubs in Sayulita.

13. Coco’s Beach Club Sayulita

Beach club by day and night club by night, Coco’s has two speeds. The restaurant, bar, and beachfront service make it the perfect place to chill during the day. With a rooftop patio overlooking the beach, they have one of the best views in town and a sundowner here is a must when visiting Sayulita. After hours Coco’s has become known as the spot for dancing in Sayulita on a Friday or Saturday night easily making it the best beach club in Sayulita.

14. Bar Miramar Sayulita

Formerly the Sunset Turtle Bar, the Miramar, which translates to sea view, is a super low-key beach bar one kilometer up the beach from the main town.

A palapa, serving margaritas, another palapa serving authentic Mexican dishes, and a scattering of seats under the palms create the perfect environment to watch the colorful Sayulita sunset before you saunter into town for dinner. One of the best ways to wind down the day.

Bar Miramar supports local turtle conservation efforts, so you can feel good about your evening cocktail.

The Best Mezcaleria in Sayulita

Mezcal is serious business here. Whether it’s the ubiquitous tequila, the raicilla of Jalisco or any other agave-based spirit, Mexico’s national spirit is deeply ingrained in the culture. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities throughout Sayulita and Nayarit to learn about and, of course, sample this smoky and fiery spirit.

15. La Baba del Diablo – For Mezcal with Friends

A true mezcaleria in San Pancho, ten minutes north of Sayulita. The friendly staff is more than happy to share their deep knowledge of mezcal and take you through their carefully curated menu. Come with friends, pick a bottle, and sit down to enjoy with orange slices and unique salts.

16. The Agave Experience

The Agave Experience in Sayulita offers an opportunity to learn about the history and process of creating mezcal and, of course, to sample some great mezcals too.

17. Mezcal Stores Sayulita

There are a number of stores in Sayulita to find unique artisanal mezcal from all over Mexico.

18. Agave Liquors Sayulita

Agave Liquors is a tequila and mezcal store with a broad range of artisanal agave spirits. They host regular tastings so you can discover your favorite bottle and take it home.

19. La Selecta Centro

Another great option to pop in to for a tequila or mezcal tasting and pick up an authentic souvenir.

20. Sayuquila – Tequila & Art

A small shop, the owner here is passionate about the products he stocks and only too happy to provide first-class service and advice to help you choose a tequila to take home.

Best Wine Bars in Sayulita

the Sayulita wine shop
Wine might not be the first thing you associate with Mexico, never the less you can sniff some out in Sayulita

Mexico’s major export in the beverage department maybe tequila and beer but the wine regions of Mexico like Parras de la Fuente and the Valley de Guadalupe are changing the scene. In Sayulita, you can sample some of what Mexican wines are all about or find wines from all over the world.

21. La Rustica

This restaurant-bar is on the pricier side but it is also one of the places you can find good Mexican wine alongside bottles from Chile, Argentina, France, and Italy.

22. Sayulita Wine Shop

Sayulita wine shop 21+ of the Best Bars in Sayulita for Every Occasion
The Sayulita Wine Shope has wine tastings on Wednesday nights

Not a wine bar, but it’s worth noting that if you are on the hunt for great wine from around Mexico, this is the number one place in town to find it.

On Wednesday nights there are wine tastings, with three Mexican wines for $200 MXN, limited seating, and live music.

  • Address: Av. Revolución 56, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.
  • Opening Hours:
    • Daily from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    • Wine tastings on Wednesday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Cost: Wine Tasting = $200 MXN / Wine Bottles $300 – $1000 MXN

Cheerful and Cheap Bars in Sayulita

These bars may not be the most stylish on our list of the best bars but are definitely some of the cheapest for those on a budget.

23. Aaleyah’s

This place might not have the most up-to-date fit-out or fancy interior compared to trendier options in town, but there’s a reason this place is always popular with local and in the know visitors. If you are looking for the best margarita in Sayulita at half the price, Aaleyah’s is your best bet. Cheap margaritas, deals on beers, and cheap and tasty food make Aaleyah’s a solid choice to kick your night off.

24. El Barrilito – The Local Dive

Sayulita’s answer to a dive bar. It’s small, a little dim inside, the drinks are cheap, cold, and served with a smile. A little more low-key than many of the other options near the main plaza, El Baralito can be a great place to kick off your night or wind down at the end.

25. Lucid – For the Best Mexican Mules (Burros?) in Town

Cheap, friendly, and right on the beach Lucid is another great option to begin an evening. The house specialty here is mules. Created using house-made ginger beer and unique interpretations of an old favorite.

How Much are Drinks at the Bar in Sayulita?

Mexican Pesos Money
Don’t forget your wallet, some bars are cash only

Drinks in Sayulita can be expensive compared to some other parts of Mexico, however, there is still plenty of value to be had. Keep an eye out for happy hours and event nights where you can get great deals on drinks.

Standard Drink Prices in Sayulita:

  • Domestic Beer | $25 – $40 MXN
  • Craft Beer | $40 – $100 MXN
  • Glass of Wine | $90 – $250 MXN
  • Cocktail | $75 – $180 MXN
  • Shot of Tequila | $40 – $150 MXN


Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the right Sayulita bar for today’s vibe. Be that a cocktail on the beach, a glass of wine, or a cold craft beer.

If you have a question or a comment about the many bars in Sayulita and beyond please let us know below!


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