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11 Best Cafes in Sayulita

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Looking for the best cafes in Sayulita? The good news is you won’t have any trouble finding a fantastic cup of joe here. In fact, with so many great coffee shops in town whittling down the top ten best cafes in Sayulita was a challenge. Nevertheless, with a few weeks to sort the beans from the husks, we set to work jittering all over town to track down the best cafes in Sayulita for every type of coffee drinker.

Golden Sunrise in Sayulita beach
Sunrise / Coffee Time in Sayulita

Top 11 Cafes in Sayulita

  1. Miscelánea Sayulita
  2. Northswell Sabor Natural
  3. Paninos Express
  4. Mugre Animal Cold Brew Coffee Bar
  5. Cafeteria Marias del Astal
  6. Yah-Yah
  7. Anchor Cafe
  8. Bonito Cafe
  9. Coffee on the Corner
  10. Organi-K
  11. Pákeke Sayulita

Why Are There So Many Great Cafes in Sayulita?

An iguana in a tree above Sayulita, surfers bob in the water behind
Did someone say coffee?

Sayulita is quickly developing a reputation as the place to be for national and international visitors looking for fun in the sun on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Formerly a tiny fishing village hidden in the jungle of the Riviera Nayarit, it became popular among surfers in the 1960s. Since then, it has grown into a hot spot for national and international visitors. Accommodation, dining, activities, and every amenity you could think of have sprung up in the town which is now primarily driven by tourism.

Visitors here are diverse and come from every walk of life. You can rub sun-creamed elbows with the weekend warriors from nearby Guadalajara spread out under umbrellas on the town beach. Find barefoot backpackers from all over the world milling around the town plaza clutching six-packs of the local cerveza. See budding Instagrammers taking selfies under colorful papel picado. Watch young families learn to surf on the gentle waves. Pass digital nomads perched at beach bars, laptops open, staring vacantly out to sea. Snowbirds on their annual pilgrimage from the US and Canada tan by the pool. Yoga instructors with their smoothies and yoga mats in hand heading off to align their chakra.

And what is the one thread that connects these and the million other characters that flock to this sun-drenched paradise year on year?

They run on coffee.

In Mexico, where there is a gap in the market, entrepreneurs soon follow, popping up everywhere to fill that need. And so it is here. A host of cafes, roasters, and street hawkers have zeroed in on the visitors’ demand for a premium coffee experience in Sayulita. Today, there are over 20 cafes in town, each vying for the attention and custom of a zealous and discerning crowd.

So what is the result of this new activity and attention? Coffee. Really good coffee. And of course, awesome cafe spaces to enjoy it in.

What Makes the Best Cafes In Sayulita?

From trendy hole-in-the-wall takeaway spots to brunch spots featuring shakshuka and avocado with goat’s cheese, it’s no longer enough to have great coffee. You need an edge, a niche. And in Sayulita, there is a cafe for every niche.

Some of Sayulita’s cafes are great for digital nomads with good coworking conditions. Others are aimed at the backpacker market with decent coffee and huge helpings of food served on rickety tables and chairs for a great price. If you need your fix on the go, you’ll find espresso coffee served from a takeaway window along with delicious pastries to fuel up for a day of surfing, hiking, or drinking margaritas in the sun. There are cafes with nothing but organic healthy food. Others aim to deliver the complete cafe experience with great coffee, excellent food, and the decor and ambiance to match.

You’ll find espresso and cold brew. Aeropress and French press. Milk from cows and beans and nuts. Enjoy frothy cappuccinos or rich macchiatos. Iced lattes or classic americanos. Alongside coffee, choose between smoothies, acai bowls, heaping plates of chilaquiles, burritos, avocado toast, and bagels, so many bagels.

No matter how you enjoy your coffee or cafes, Sayulita has you covered and we have rounded up the 10 best cafes, for every coffee drinker in Sayulita!

Miscelánea Sayulita: The Best Cafe in Sayulita for the Total Cafe Experience

Miscelanea cafe sayulita 11 Best Cafes in Sayulita
Miscelánea is one of Sayulita’s Best Cafes

For us (and many others)Miscelánea is the best cafe in Sayulita and has some of the best coffee in Sayulita, hands down.

Top-shelf coffee, delicious healthy brunches, and an inviting and stylish air-conditioned space to enjoy it. Miscelánea ticks all the boxes.

Hidden off the dusty noisy street in an all-white pueblo-style building, you’ll feel like you have stepped into a secret oasis. Shady palms, cool decor, and artisanal ceramics further add to the ambiance.

Friendly servers handle the constant crowd and in the busy season soothe the anxious queue. A brunch menu with Mexican and international brunch favorites like avocado toast, shakshuka, molletes, and pancakes rotates based on the season and the available produce.

coffee and a sandwich at Miscelenea cafe. The best cafe in Sayulita
Fresh flavors, delicious coffee, and great ambiance at Miscelánea

Of course, when you see avocado toast on the menu, you know that you can expect to pay more than your average Mexican cafe prices here.

You’ll want to maximize your time here so bring a book or a computer to punch out a couple of emails using the wifi. Then again, if there’s a queue out the door, perhaps you’d like to give up your table to the ravenous hoard? Who knows.

Miscelánea has just opened a second location in Puerto Vallarta so be sure to stop by on your way to or from Sayulita.

The Best Coffee in Sayulita

With so many cafes in Sayulita, it is hard to know which one has the best coffee. These are our picks depending on how you like your coffee and whether you are on the go or looking to grab a seat and enjoy your coffee at the cafe.

Paninos Express – For Coffee on the Go

Takeaway coffee from Paninos cafe Sayulita, bakery goods in the background
What a way to start the day… I should grab a croissant as well

A hole-in-the-wall, takeaway bakery, and cafe, Paninos Express offers coffeecurbside so you can grab and go before your next Sayulita adventure. The coffee and pastries are on point and very well priced so expect a line-up during peak periods.

Luckily, the baristas here know their way around the espresso machine and the queue moves quicker than other places in town.

Despite being some of the best coffee in town Paninos is also one of the cheapest.

Mugre Animal Cold Brew Coffee Bar – For Local Roasted Beans

Another cafe in Sayulita popular with coffee connoisseurs is Mugre Animal Cold Brew Coffee Bar. Like it says on the box, they roast their own beans, and they also take their coffee seriously. Mugre Animal Cold Brew Coffee Bar is one of the best places to head for true Italian-style espresso.

Alongside their coffee, they have breakfast sandwiches made from bagels and croissants and a handful of cooked breakfast options.

Seating is limited, especially during peak periods, and the digital nomad crowd is unlikely to meet your eye for even as a line forms out the door.

Speaking of digital nomads, Mugre Animal Cold Brew Coffee Bar has tried to level the playing field thereby only granting wifi access with a minimum of $150 MXN spend in the cafe which here means three cups of coffee or a coffee and one of their brunch options.

Cafeteria Marias del Astal – For Great Cold Brew

A small coffee bar with great cold brew in downtown Sayulita
The wait is rarely long

Blink and you’ll miss this unassuming cafe attached to the popular Sayulinda Hotel. Another tiny Sayulita cafe with limited seating, the coffee here is best served on the go or at a bar stool watching bleary-eyed vacationers make their daily pilgrimage toward the beach for an early morning re-baptism.

In addition to espresso coffee made your way, they also have some delicious cold brew concentrate, perfect in a tall glass with ice and water. Their food menu is simple and focused on a handful of simple cooked items and fresh baked goods.

Their beans are grown and roasted on their family farm, and you can purchase a bag to take home as well.

The Best Cafes in Sayulita for Digital Nomads

A laptop open next to a notebook and a cup of coffee in a cafe
I’m sure inspiration will hit after this next coffee

Sayulita has developed a reputation as a hub for digital nomads and a co-worker-friendly town. It’s normal to see 30-somethings glued to their laptops in beach bars, restaurants, and, of course, cafes all over town.

Cafes here once welcomed workers with open arms providing high-speed internet, air-conditioning, and power points people could use while they enjoyed a coffee or brunch.

Unfortunately, due to Sayulitas’s growing popularity amongst online workers and the inconsiderate behavior of some, that attitude is changing. Many popular spots have become overwhelmed and frustrated by digital nomads treating Sayulita’s cafes as free co-working spots.

Nowadays if you plan to sit in a cafe and work all day while you slowly sip an Americano, you are probably going to be asked to move on by burnt-out cafe workers, especially during the busy season, when many cafes have a queue out the door.

If you need somewhere to sit and work for a few hours Sayulita now has a dedicated coworking space with high-speed internet, desks, and 24/7 access.

That being said, if you need to catch up on a couple of emails, while you eat or drink your coffee, most cafes are understanding as long as you are exercising self-awareness.

Yah-Yah – For Working with a Bagel in Hand

A bagel and coffee on a table in the sun
Bagels have made their way onto a lot of cafe menus here in Sayulita

Air conditioning, attentive staff, and fantastic breakfast bagels are great accompaniments to the star of the show here, coffee.

Roasted on-site, prepared espresso-style, and served with dark chocolate and soda water, it is obvious these guys take their coffee seriously.

It has also become popular for people looking to set up their laptops, with fast reliable wifi and air conditioning. Unfortunately, Yah Yah has become so popular they have had to put up a sign reminding clients that they are not in the business of providing free office space. Nevertheless, it can be a great place to catch up on an email or two over breakfast.

Anchor Cafe – For Nourishing Breakfasts While You Work

A cup of coffee
Great coffee, and a great spot to catch up on emails

Another Cafe is another Sayulita cafe throwing its hat the ring for the best-in-show here. Healthy and nourishing meals are on the docket at Anchor Cafe including breakfast bagels, smoothie bowls, avocado toast, or grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.

Anchor is popular among digital nomads who use it as a co-work space with fast reliable wifi. Because it’s a small space and they don’t seem to move people on, it can often be crowded and a wait during busy times of the year.

Best Brunch Spots Cafes in Sayulita

Nothing goes better with coffee than brunch. If you are looking for a feed with your coffee in Sayulita, here are our top picks.

Coffee on the Corner – For Quality Coffee and Brunch at Unbeatable Prices

The exterior of Coffee on the Corner Cafe
Don’t let the exterior fool you this is one of the best brunch spots in town

Ok, so the paint job is a little garish. Yeah, the cafe is a little messy. Maybe the food is not plated as well as it could be. And sure, the table is a little wobbly. But, for great coffee without the pretension, this casual coffee and brunch spot knocks it out of the park. They have ripping espresso, a menu featuring Mexican and American brunch favorites, and some of the most reasonable prices of any cafe on this list.

A classic example of why you should never judge a book by its cover, these guys are the real deal with a full espresso machine and handy baristas who know how to wield it. Add to that a stellar menu with a focus on local and international brunch options and friendly service, you may have found your favorite brunch spot. That is, as long as you don’t need the cafe to look like something out of the pages of an interior design magazine.

Finally, you can expect to save a few pesos, with reasonable coffee and food prices half what you could pay in some of the fancier cafes in town.

If you are focused on quality and price over decor and ambiance, then this is the best cafe in Sayulita.

Pákeke Sayulita

If you have a hankering for pancakes when visiting in Sayulita, then look no further than Pákeke Sayulita. These pancake makers serve up some of the best breakfasts in Sayulita including pancakes (of course), omeletts, and burritos.

In addition, Pákeke Sayulita offers great coffee and extremely friendly, fast service. On the downside, Pákeke Sayulita is cash only, so make sure you have enough pesos.

Best Health Food and Vegan Cafes in Sayulita

The rise of coffee culture in a destination often comes hand in hand with the rise of health and vegan food. Sayulita is no exception and many of the cafes in town are taking up the mantel in providing delicious healthy and vegan food to its patrons. Here are our favorites.

Northswell Sabor Natural

Northswell Cafe Sayulita 11 Best Cafes in Sayulita
Northswell has recently tossed its hat in the ring for the crown of Sayulita’s best cafe

A new and welcome addition to Sayulita’s cafe scene in 2022 Northswell offers great coffee alongside a delicious all-natural breakfast menu. Situated right next to the Sayulita main beach, it is the perfect place to swing by for a pre or post-surf feed.

Acai bowls, healthy tostadas, toasts, and a knock-out vegetarian ‘chorizo’ burrito are all must-tries here!


A plate of fruit and yoghurt
Fresh is best is the mantra at Organi-K

If you’re looking to fuel up with a healthy breakfast before or after a surf, yoga session, or hike, this is the place. With a focus on healthy superfoods and vegan-friendly options, it’s a great option for those looking to get a head start on their day or those wanting to atone for their sins the previous night. Think fresh smoothies, acai, poke bowls, matcha, and, of course, great coffee.

During busy periods expect to find a queue of yogis, surfers, and barefooted backpackers waiting for their detox.

If you are headed to Puerto Vallarta before or after your Sayulita adventure, these guys have a sister restaurant there too.

Bonito Cafe

An espresso on a wooden table
With a focus on great coffee and food, this spot is also just far enough out of town to avoid the morning crowds

Attached to the Don Bonito boutique hotel but open to the public, this tiny cafe can be found at Sayulita’s northern end, away from the hustle and bustle of town.

They make exceptional espresso coffee. Their short menu is focused on healthy grab-and-go options like fresh smoothies, acai bowls, and light breakfast sandwiches.

Whether you are heading toward San Pancho on a morning stroll or just looking to escape the busy town and crowded southern beach, Bonito Cafe offers a welcome respite and a great cup of coffee.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the right cafe for today’s vibe. Be that a workspace, a great coffee, local flavors, something on the go, or a delicious brunch.

If you have a question or a comment about the many cafes in Sayulita please let us know in the comments below!


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