Meet the Vanabonds

Meet Eddie

I have traveled through my home country, Australia, a large swathe of East and Central Asia, Russia, Europe, and extensively through South, Central, and North America. My style of travel is, at best, flexible, instinctive, and adaptable. At worst, a crapshoot that often ends in disaster.

My long history of missing flights, getting lost, medical emergencies, getting robbed, getting poisoned, getting stranded and a couple of near-death experiences have left me with a long list of pitfalls to avoid and things to watch for in exotic places all over the world and a few good stories. Now I travel overland in a converted van with my partner and fellow travel addict Kelli. 

Working from a cafe in Peru

Meet Kelli

Straight out of the small town of Dublin, Georgia, USA, I fell in love with travel on my first trip to Europe when I was 17. My mother took me on a two-week trip to London, Paris, and Barcelona. By the time I arrived back in my small country town, I was already scheming to get back as quickly as possible. Luckily, I convinced my grandmother to take me just four months later.

Since then, I have traveled to over 80 countries and every continent bar Antarctica. My style of travel is quite different from Eddie’s as I rely on thorough, meticulous plans which often involve weeks if not months of research for my travels.

About US

Despite our distinct styles, our paths crossed at a hostel in Tallin, Estonia one snowy Christmas Eve. Eighteen months later, we decided to set out to see what else we could see. We quit our day jobs and booked a one-way ticket to Santiago to become vanabonds.

Since then we have driven the length of the South American continent together. We have toured Mexico in a van. And we have completed a number of road trips through our home countries of Australia and the United States.

Right now we are traveling through Australia while the coronavirus continues to grip the globe.

Eddie and Kelli in the mountains of Colorado

About the Vanabond Tales

Through our travel and van life blog and our brand new vlog, we provide practical information and inspiration for anyone looking to get out and explore the world, no matter how you travel.

Our writing is primarily about slow and self-guided adventure. Our articles include travel and lifestyle tips, destination guides, and of course information on van life from lifestyle to recipes to van builds.

Our travel style is budget-friendly, outdoor-focused, and environmentally conscious.

If some, or all of that resonates with you, you are likely to find something of value in these pages and we invite you to wander with us, as we seek our next adventure.

We are the Vanabonds, these are our tales…