Van Life

We were only a few weeks into our first ever van life adventure (and our first time living together) passing through the Atacama Desert in northern Chile when we started excitedly planning out a five year plan that revolved around van life living. 
Our van was tiny. All that fit in it was a bed, some gear, and a small van life kitchen that slid out from the rear. Camping in the desert was challenging. The nights were cold and windy, the days dry and hot, and it was always sandy. We had been stranded there longer than we had anticipated, waiting on paperwork that would allow us to cross the border into Argentina. In honesty, tempers were frayed, and we were stressed out. 
It’s funny to think that it was in that specific moment under those difficult conditions that we realised so clearly our shared vision for the future. A never ending van life adventure. 
Since then we have travelled to some of the most spectacular van life destinations and survived all manner of van life horror stories. We have honed our van life cooking and mastered the art of van life camping. We’ve completed two van life builds (without the first clue what we are doing) and we consider ourselves near experts on van life hacks and van life tips and tricks. 
If you’ve ever wondered just how to van life step on board and take a look around. You never know, van life living could grab you, just like it grabbed us. 

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