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7 Exciting Bars for Nightlife in San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel de Allende is a staple for many visitors to Mexico. With its cobble streets, European feel and charm, it is evident why this Mexican destination frequently ranks as one of the best places to visit in the world.

There’s always something going on in this vibrant town. Only thing is, it’s often aimed at the middle-aged and seniors that flock here to vacation and retire. But this town is not just for retirees, (check out our article our San Miguel Under 40).

Ok so it’s no Mexico City, Playa de Carmen, or Puerto Vallarta. And you may have to scratch the surface a little but beneath lies an exciting nightlife scene that caters as well to the younger local artists, hospitality staff and expats as it does to the golden oldies. To help you out find the best of what this remote town has to offer, we’ve put together a list of some of the best nightlife in San Miguel de Allende.

Best Cocktail Bars in San Miguel de Allende

El Mananlial

This hidden gem is a great place for evening tapas before descending into the main town for more nightlife in San Miguel de Allende!

This is a great place to begin your evening.

Tucked away on a quiet cobblestoned street, the fading paint and swinging saloon doors belie the trendy bar and kitchen inside.

El Mananlial is a great place for a few quick tapas before heading further into the historic zone. Well priced compared to some of the more touristic options in town, seek out this cool and cosy bar for cocktails, ice cold beer and a delicious grazing menu.


Tostévere is a relative new comer to the San Miguel scene, but it has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the more popular bar and kitchens in town. The trendy bar offers a delicious cocktail menu and an unpretentious dining menu much of it based around the humble tostada (Mexican open faced sandwich served on a toasted tortilla). Smooth drinks, friendly staff and stylish decor make this somewhere you could easily hangout for a couple of hours.

Best Pubs in San Miguel de Allende

The Limerick Pub

The better of two Irish Pubs in town. It’s an Irish pub. Loud music, cold beer, and plenty of locals and tourists under 45 who come here to have a good time.

Berlin Bar & Bistro

Keeping with the European vibe, we are heading to Berlin. Ok so the crowd may be older on paper here, but they are certainly young at heart.

Large servings of German and pub food, laid back and friendly atmosphere and a stylish interior are the back drop for many locals and return visitors who have been mingling here for decades. Pull up a stool at the bar, order a burger as big as your head and have a yarn with the, as the New York Times put it, the ‘Silver Fox Set’ that count themselves regulars here. Beware if the evening rain comes (and it often does) the roof is not exactly water tight, BYO umbrella.

Best Nightlife in San Miguel de Allende

Mama Mia

With a restaurant, sports bar, karaoke bar, rooftop bar and club all rolled into one, you can be sure that there is always something happening at Mama Mia. This is a popular spot amongst younger locals and tourists.

Tupi DJ Bar

Downstairs Tupinamba has live music ranging from country to flamenco, fancy tapas plates and expensive drinks. Upstairs is a very different vibe, a roof top bar with local and touring djs play for a younger crowd who come to party under the stars. Find local expats and Mexican revelers enjoying the fun atmosphere, rotating djs and regular events.

Sammy’s Social Room

This is where the locals go to party. It’s chic and it’s Mexican. A younger, affluent crowd, dressed to impress come here to party in this modern Mexican club. Dance floors, djs and bottle service is the vibe here. Come here to experience how to party the night away like a local.


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