The 6 Best Cafes in San Cristobal de las Casas

The 6 Best Cafes in San Cristobal de las Casas

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This post contains affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running! Thank you for your support!

Chiapas is one of Mexico’s most famous coffee-producing states, so it follows that some of Mexico’s best coffee can be found here. San Cristobal de las Casas, a mountain town in the heart of Chiapas, is home to some of the state’s best cafes and the perfect place to sample the local beans. We spent the better part of two weeks in San Cristobal sampling coffee and scoping out the best cafes the city has to offer. Here is a list of the best cafes in San Cristobal de las Casas for every coffee drinker’s need.

Amor Negro (Black Love Coffee)

For the Coffee Connoisseur

A cup of coffee from san cristobal de las casas

On the top floor of the Plaza San Agustin, overlooking upscale eateries, you will find Amor Negro otherwise known as Black Love Coffee. This cafe is one of the few cafes in town embracing the coffee culture cultivated by the Western world. Here you can choose your brew style, whether it be an espresso, V60, Chemex, Aeropress or french press. The coffee here is our pick of the litter in San Cristobal. That said, this cafe is not the best environment for working. We recommend enjoying a coffee here while checking emails, catching up with friends or planning your next destination.

Black Dragon Cafe

The Local Haunt

This hidden gem can be found on the outskirts of town in the Barrio de Guadalupe. A local coffee roaster, this cafe can satisfy your coffee cravings and supply your gift giving needs for loved ones at home. With locally sourced beans, they serve up Italian espresso-style coffees. Make sure to take advantage of their daily promotions for coffee paired with delicious homemade pastries. The seating is not overly conducive to working for long periods and the cafe, which is seemingly a meeting place for local and expats, can be loud. Despite this, we still enjoyed our coffee at Black Dragon Cafe and would recommend especially when you are exploring the Barrio de Guadalupe.

Frontera Artisan Food and Coffee

For Coffee with Brunch

The best cafe breakfast in San Cristobal de las casas

Located on the outskirts of the old town, Frontera Artisan Food and Coffee is nailing it not only on the coffee front but also with their top-notch breakfast options.

Keeping up with coffee culture, here you can have your coffee any way you like, alongside Mexican classics such as delicious chilaquiles, or western staples like their yummy breakfast bagel. Grab a coffee and sit outside on the terrace or in the sun-drenched garden.

Sarajevo Cafe Jardin

For Space

Sarajevo Cafe Jardin is tucked away on a side street of downtown San Cristobal. The drawcard for grabbing a coffee here is space. With ample seating and electrical sockets, it is a great place to catch up on work while in San Cristobal. Don’t expect to make calls here as with most cafes the music is a bit too loud. But with fast wifi, space and reasonable coffee, this place is the obvious choice for digital nomads.

Carajillo Expendio

For On-the-Go Coffee

The entrance at Carajillo Expendio

Carajillo Expendio caters primarily to the grab and go coffee market. A small shop located on one of the main walking streets in San Cristobal, the Real de Guadalupe, this cafe is the number one spot to pick up a coffee while you wander the cobbled streets of the old town. Despite the takeaway format, these guys take their coffee seriously. Locally sourced coffee, high-quality ingredients and attention to detail are what you are in store for when you visit Carajillo Expendio. While they are primarily a to-go joint, there are a few chairs outside where you can enjoy your coffee while people watching on the main street.

Cafe San Cristobal

For Simplicity

Duped by the Google photos, we expected an actual cafe with tables and chairs. In actuality, Cafe San Cristobal is a coffee distributor selling beans by the kilo. They do, however, offer a simple Americano and there is one table with three chairs. At a price of only $7 pesos for a small coffee and $10 for the large, we took our chances and sat down. While the atmosphere isn’t great and the coffee is simple, the cafe boasts some of the best wifi we have seen in cafes around Mexico. Maybe because the speed is due to the fact that there is no one else to share the wifi with. Regardless we enjoyed this no-frills cafe.

Hopefully with one of these cafes you can fulfill your coffee needs in San Cristobal. If not, let us know what you think are the best cafes in San Cristobal de las Casas!

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