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13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia’s Prettiest Seaside Village

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We traveled to Primošten Croatia, a tiny village on the Dalmatian coast, to see if it lived up to its title as Croatia’s prettiest town, and set out to discover the best things to do in Primošten.

Primošten, Croatia

Primošten is perhaps most famous for its picture-perfect old town. Buildings of white limestone with red-tiled rooves occupy every square inch of a tiny, perfectly round peninsula that extends out from the mainland into the stunning blue sea.

Aerial of Primošten Croatia
The picturesque village of Primošten is just the jumping-off point to explore this remarkable region.

Once an island, Primošten was first settled because of its defensive characteristics which protected early inhabitants from the invading Turks. Primošten was connected to the mainland with a drawbridge. Today, the peninsula has been reclaimed via a man-made isthmus. But beyond the striking beauty and storied history, the appeal of Primošten runs deeper than the quaint village.

Stretching away from the town are the famed Primošten beaches, known for their gorgeous turquoise waters, kilometers of white pebble beaches, and rocky coves.

Behind the stunning coastline, the famous vineyards of the Primošten region stretch from the rocky seashore all the way into the hinterlands. Such is their beauty and significance that they are under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Naturally, the best thing to do in Primošten is to get out and explore the abundant beauty of the town and its surrounds. Investigate the ancient village. Soak up stunning beaches. Ramble back into the olive groves and vineyards of the green hills behind the coastline. Set sail for the bays, coves, and islands that abound in this beautiful part of the Adriatic Sea. Sample the local produce, seafood, wines, and cheeses that the region is known for.

These are the best things to do in Primosten Croatia, and everything else you need to know about Primošten and the Primošten region.

Primosten Youtube thumbnail 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village

The 13 Best Things to Do in Primošten and Nearby

#1 Explore the Primošten Beaches by Bike

Aerial of beaches of Primošten
Exploring the beaches is one of the best things to do in Primošten.

Primošten has more than 20 stunning beaches just a pebble’s throw away from the town just waiting to be enjoyed. One of the best ways to take in as many of the beaches as possible is by renting a bike in town.

Leaving the village behind, a 10-kilometer trail takes cyclists past the pine-clad coast of Primošten. Be sure to grab a map before you set off as the trail that runs along the waterfront stops abruptly just beyond Golden Rays Luxury Resort just after the paved path turns to gravel requiring riders to travel inland for a small section of the coast.

Of course, it is also possible to walk or drive to the many Primošten beaches.

Here are the best beaches on Primošten to see along the way.

Mala Raduča Beach

Mala Raduča Beach Primošten
Mala Raduča Beach is routinely listed amongst Croatia’s best beaches and the first stop when exploring the Primošten beaches.

The most popular Primošten beach, Beach Mala Raduča consistently ranks among the top ten beaches in Croatia.

Close to Primošten and with all the restaurants, cafes, bars, and amenities that the town has to offer. In fact, it is right next to the historic old city which serves as a beautiful backdrop behind the southern end of the beach.

Calm with gorgeous turquoise water, gently lapping at the sweeping, white pebbled beach, it’s the perfect beach to enjoy a long Croatian summer afternoon.

Rent a beach chair and umbrella and while away the slow, hot days on one of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches.

The only downside of Beach Mala Raduča is its popularity. If you are looking for a beach all to yourself, this is likely not the beach for you.

Velika Raduča

A little further beyond Mala Raduča and connected via the Raduca Peninsula is another beach with a prime position offering easy access from town. Velika Raduča has everything you need for a day down at the beach including parking, food stalls, ice cream vendors, umbrellas as well as water sports like kayak and SUP rental.

Velika Raduča is best visited in the afternoon due to its positioning on the peninsula.

Dagna Beach

kelli blue water primosten croatia 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
As you make your way along the coastline, pebbled beaches give way to rocky cliffs

As you venture further from Primošten, the coastline changes from predominantly wide pebbled-covered beaches to rocky cliffs, occasionally punctuated by small bays with rocky coves or small beaches.

Nevertheless, you can access the sea the whole way along the coast by carefully scrambling down the steep sides or utilizing the cement jetties and platforms that have been built into the rocky shore.

As you travel north away from Velik Reduča the first beach to stop at is Dagna Beach and it actually has the best of both worlds, there is a small pebbled beach here complete with a bar, as well as concrete platforms for sunbathing, launching into the cool clear waters and ladders to haul yourself back out.


Further on, the small but scenic beach of Dolac offers a picturesque setting and can easily be accessed by car and has a small car park just above it. While this beach might not have quite as many facilities as some of the beaches closer to town, it is also likely to have fewer people.

Another advantage of Dolac beach is the picturesque Restoran Bila Lučica. With sweeping views over the coastline, friendly service, and great food, it is the perfect place to stop as you explore the Primošten beaches.

Beach Bilo / Blue Lagoon

Beach Bilo Primošten 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
Beach Bilo is one of Primošten’s most spectacular beaches.

The furthest of all the Primošten beaches but, in our opinion, one of the best, is Beach Bilo or ‘the Blue Lagoon’. Named for the striking blue water of the deep inlet here, it is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing beaches along this stretch of coast, and that’s saying a lot.

Lay a towel on the beach or find a spot on the sides of the cove to spend a while at this special beach.


Free spirits will want to head in the other direction, south of the town to drop their knickers at the only FKK or nudist beaches in town.

Zatoka is a small, secluded, rocky beach with views back over the old town of Primošten. Like many of the beaches here, the crystal clear water makes it great for swimming. Zatoka is also a popular spot for seafaring souls to drop an anchor in the small bay.

Zatoka is a great beach to let it all hang out but potentially not the most family-friendly.

If you are looking for more great beaches in Croatia, nearby the beaches of Sibenik just 30-mins away are worth exploring!

#2 Walk the 30-minute Seawall Loop Around the Historic Old Town

Many people do not realize that the old town of Primošten was once an island. The ancient city center was once protected by fortress walls and connected to the mainland by a draw bridge. The strong city defenses were constructed in the hopes of keeping Turkish invaders at bay.

Today, the threat of raiding Turks has lessened, the bridge has been removed and a more permanent bridge made of sand has turned this little isle into a peninsula.

Nevertheless, you can still take a moment to picture yourself in the once heavily fortified city by walking the 30-minute loop where the wall once stood.

The short walk takes you high above the steep seacliff walls of the town and amongst the pretty, ramshackle collection of stone homes built upon one another on this densely covered medieval outpost.

Interested in more great seaside villages in Europe, consider visiting Soller, Mallorca!

#3 Get Lost in the Labyrinth of the Old Town

One of the best ways to spend the golden hours of early morning or late evening is to take several steps back in time strolling through the labyrinth of streets that make up Primošten’s old city.

A fantastic example of the medieval and historic old towns found throughout Croatia, the well-preserved Primošten is built upon layers and layers of history.

Make sure to take a moment to appreciate the beauty around every corner. The jumble of ancient buildings that have been the homes for generations of Croats living in this seaside time capsule, tiny household vineyards creeping up the old stone walls, pastel window shutters, and everywhere vintage cars, household ornaments, and knick-knacks adorning the scene.

#4 Visit the Church of St. George

The centerpiece of the historic, old town is the Church of St. George which dates back to the 15th century. Perched on the highest point of the old town, it is hard to miss this iconic symbol of Primošten. From the church, you can enjoy views up and down the coast and out to sea.

#5 Enjoy a Coffee Like a Local

coffee cup mala reduca Primošten 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village

If you have spent any time in Croatia, or in southern Europe in general, then you know coffee is a big deal here, and the Croatians have their own special way of enjoying it.

In Croatia, coffee is a moment to be savored, scratch that, it’s an hour to be savored. Coffee not only takes a long time but it is also called for in almost any social interaction. Before you start an activity, after you finish, or when you meet someone for business or socially, coffee is expected.

Take part in the local custom of enjoying a cup of coffee or two over a couple of hours. Caffe Bar Mala Raduča is one of the best cafes in town. On top of making awesome coffee, the charming cafe features a blue and white strip facade, a bustling atmosphere, and an unbeatable view of Mala Raduča Beach and Primošten’s pretty old town behind.

#6 Visit the Primošten Wineries for Babić and Debit

The small town of Primošten may be relatively unknown to the world, but it is turning heads in the wine world with its unique indigenous grape variety, Babić (pronounced Bah-bich).

Its rich red color, balanced complexity, and length of the tannins are just a few reasons why the Croatian Babić quickly became a favorite of many wine connoisseurs and a staple in our wine cupboard onboard the boat.

Of course, it’s not possible to cope with the Croatian summers without a cool crisp Croatian white and so debit has become the choice of grape in this region. One story of how debit got its name was that it was so sought after that it was often used to settle debts.

Whether you fancy red or white, one of the best ways to enjoy this Croatian wine is by visiting one (or two or three) of the wineries near Primošten.

We visited Prgin Vina, a charming winery owned by a young couple and run out of a historical stone building that was a former school, high in the hills behind Primošten.

Prgin Vina still grows their Babić in the harsh conditions along the rocky sea shore the way it has been done for centuries.

Some other wineries in the region include Matošin Winery or Testament Winery further afield towards Sibenik.

#7 Check out the Stone Lattice Vineyards of Bucavac Hill

Vinyards Primošten 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
The impressive stone lattice vineyards of Bucavac Hill

While the wine from Primošten is special, it is the vineyards here that are unique. So much in fact that the historic vineyards that grow along the seashore are under consideration to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The vines here have been planted into the rocky seashore in vineyards divided by a lattice of low stone walls. The harsh terrain provides challenging conditions for both vine and winegrowers.

Nevertheless, these ancient vineyards have stood the test of time and have remained unchanged since the 11th century. The vines produce a fraction of the production of other vineyards but perhaps it is the struggle of these hardy vines that makes this wine so special.

Bucavac (Boot-sa-vats) Hill, above the bay to the north of Primošten is home to some of the best examples of these impressive vineyards. Although privately owned it is possible to see these vineyards from a boat, by drone, or from the Our Lady of Loreto Statue on the top of Gaj Hill.

#8 Watch the Sunset from the Primošten Cemetery

The cemetery surrounding the Church of St. George is the perfect location to watch the sunset over the Adriatic Sea. That being said, anywhere on the northwest side of the island will experience the spectacle of the sun setting over the sea, bathing the already breathtaking Primošten in golden light.

#9 Eat Fresh Seafood from a Local Konoba

grilled octopus 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village

Another authentic thing to do in Primošten is to visit a konoba. A konoba is a local tavern and there are generally several to stumble upon in every small village in Croatia. Konobas generally specialize in grilled seafood and meat. Given you’re right by the sea we suggest sticking with seafood. Most menus feature whole fish, scampi, squid, octopus, and any other seafood option you can find in the Adriatic as well as pasta and risotto dishes that are popular here.

Many konobas have live music playing and the best ones always have locals there having morning coffee or afternoon beer, or evening wine.

#10 See the Our Lady of Loreto Statue and Capture Breathtaking Views from Gaj Hill

our lady loretto statue Primosten croatia 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
Our Lady of Loreto Statue

For jaw-dropping views over the pretty peninsula and beautiful surroundings, head out of town and south to the Our Lady of Loreto Statue. Standing watch over the region this hilltop statue enjoys pride of place high above the town. Remarkable at any time of the day, it is especially beautiful at sunset.

#11 Visit a Wine Bar

To sample a wider variety of wines from the region and around Croatia, you can’t go past one of the wine bars in the heart of the old town.

Peškafondo Wine Bar and Tramonto Gin & Wine Bar each have great views over the water, excellent wines, local produce and knowledgeable staff. You cannot go wrong with either choice!

Things to do Near Primošten Croatia

Primošten Croatia is a great place to base yourself to explore some of the other great things there are to do in the area.

#12 Be Amazed by the Waterfalls of Krka National Park

Krrka Waterfalls 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
Krka National Park is an easy day trip from Primosten.

Forty-five minutes from Primošten are the Krka National Park and the stunning Krka waterfalls. These sprawling terraced falls cascade through picturesque glades toward the final fall, the Skradinski Buk.

One of Croatia’s most spectacular natural environments, there are plenty of options to walk or cycle to the many waterfalls of the Krka National Park.

The Krka National Park entrance fee price depends on the time of year you visit and can be found on the Krka National Park website. Krka National Park is a popular day trip from both Primošten and Sibenik, so make sure to get there early to avoid crowds and the hot Croatian sun.

#13 Boat Trip Primošten

kelli sailboat primošten 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village

The coastline and islands surrounding Primosten, like much of the Adriatic Coast, are wild, beautiful, and unspoiled. Primosten is a fantastic launching point to explore the beautiful bays, beaches, coves, and islands of the Šibenik region. Organize a boat tour to experience Primošten and the surrounding coastline in a whole new way.

Where to Eat in Primošten

a plate of ham, cheese, ,nuts and fruits
Sampling the local produce is one of the best things to do in Primošten

For Ice Cream: Slastičarnica Miki

The title of Primošten’s best ice cream shop is fiercely contested. Some of the best ice creams can be found down behind Mala Raduča Beach at Slastičarnica Miki. However, we strongly suggest you conduct your own research to find the best ice cream in town!

For Coffee: Caffe Bar Mala Raduča

the blue and whit caffe bar Mala Raduča in Primošten
Caffe Bar Mala Raduca is social hub, right on the Mala Reduča Beach

Caffe bar Mala Raduča serves up the best coffee in town and also has a buzzing atmosphere and a perfect vantage of Mala Raduča Beach and Primošten’s pretty peninsula behind.

For Pizza: Pizzaria Barba

Pizza is big in Croatia, and every town has a number of pizzerias vying for the top position. In Primošten, Pizzaria Barba is king.

For Tradition: Konobas

You won’t have any trouble finding a konoba, or traditional tavern in Primošten and this is the ideal place to enjoy a traditional Croatian experience. Some of the best include Konoba Dvor, Konoba Babilon, Konoba Šipurina, and Konoba Toni.

For Romantic Views: Capocesto Restaurant

If you are envisaging dining on a stone terrace, sitting on a high sea cliff taking in the last rays of the sun as it sets over the Adriatic, then Capocesto Restaurant is for you!

Where to Stay in Primošten

The majority of accommodation in Primošten is made up of apartments with a couple of hotels or ‘aparthotels’. You won’t find too many resorts or beachfront hotels dominating the landscape here… and we think that’s a good thing.

Instead, private, self-contained flats provide everything you need for a relaxing seaside vacation. There are plenty of apartments to choose from in Primošten with something to suit any budget. These are some of the best options for Primošten accommodation.

Apartments Tomas

tomas apartments 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
Comfortable and personal accommodation with a great pool

These comfortable and modern apartments have everything you need plus plenty of extra touches to make your trip even more memorable. With a beautiful pool to enjoy, a well-stocked pool house, easy access to the beach, and lovely hosts, Apartments Tomas offers some of the best accommodation in Primošten.

Accommodation starts from 900 HRK per night or around €120.

Check Prices Now on Your Favorite Platform!

Golden Rayes Luxury Villas & Apartments

With gorgeous views, a stunning pool, and a private beach, the five-star Golden Rayes Luxury Villas and Apartments offer premium accommodation in a private setting, away from the main town, but within easy walking distance. These upscale apartments not only provide some of the more luxurious accommodations in Primosten but occupy one of the most striking stretches of rocky coastline here.

Accommodation starts from 2057 HRK per night or around €275.

Check Prices Now on Your Favorite Platform!

Mincheta Luxury Rooms

Mincheta offers hotel-style accommodation featuring well-appointed rooms with air-conditioning, a mini bar, room service, satellite TV, and an on-site bar. Best of all Mincheta occupies a prime location right next to the old town and main beach. If you are planning on spending your time out and about in Primošten then Mincheta is a great choice.

Rooms start from around 800 HRK or €100 but fluctuate a lot with the season.

Check Prices Now on Your Favorite Platform!

Looking for More Primošten Accommodation?

How to Get to Primošten

primošten aerial 1 13 Authentic Things to Do in Primošten: Croatia's Prettiest Seaside Village
With Šibenik to the north and Split to the south, it is easy to reach Primošten.

Primošten is easy to reach and is well-serviced by public transport. A popular tourist destination there are multiple bus routes that run to Primošten from most major hubs.

The closest major cities to Primošten are Split and Sibenik.

Getting to Primosten from Šibenik

Šibinek is the closest major town to Primošten under thirty kilometers to the north.

The easiest way to travel from Šibenik to Primošten is by bus.

Several services leave each day from the Šibenik Central Bus Station, and the journey takes just 30 minutes. Bus tickets cost between €2 and €6.

It is possible to take a private taxi from Šibenik to Primošten, travel time is approximately the same but you should expect to pay around 10 x the bus fare.

If you have a car rental, you can easily self-drive to Primošten for an easy day trip from Šibenik.

For larger groups, a pre-arranged private transfer might be suitable and you can arrange a mini-van or mini-bus quite cheaply.

Getting to Primosten from Split

Many people travel from Split to Primošten as it is a large tourist hub and has an airport.

Split is slightly further away from Primošten than Šibenik but still offers easy access.

The easiest way to travel from Split to Primošten is also by bus.

Several services leave each day from the Split Central Bus Station, and the journey takes about one hour. Bus tickets cost between €4 and €7.

Again, it is possible to take a taxi from Split to Primošten. Travel time via taxi from Split to Primosten is approximately an hour but you should expect to pay upwards of €90.

If you have a car rental, you can easily self-drive to Primošten for an easy day trip from Split.

For larger groups, a pre-arranged private transfer might be suitable and you can arrange a mini-van or mini-bus quite cheaply.

Where to Next?

Primošten is just one of the many jewels found along the coastline of Croatia, and there are many more close by to the north and south.


Perched on a hill along the Krka River, Šibenik is another great example of the impressive, fortified medieval cities found throughout Croatia.

Sibenik has been a prominent location in many of the wars fought on Croatian land, and it is a place that history buffs will enjoy. From the four fortresses that protect the city to the secret tunnels used by Hitler during World War II, there is an endless amount to be learned about the history of not only Sibenik but of Croatia found within the streets and seas here.

Sibenik is also one of only a handful of cities holding claim to two UNESCO monuments, the Sibenik Cathedral St. Jacob and the  Renaissance Fortress of St. Nicholas.


A popular tourist destination in its own right and a great starting point to explore some of Croatia’s most famous islands such as Hvar, Split is not to be missed on any Croatian adventure. Its historic old town with cobbled streets, the mighty Diocletian Palace, and the palm-lined promenade are a few of the reasons that make Split special. Coupled with some of the best and most innovative dining in the region, Split is sure to impress.


Further north, another historic port city, Zadar sits behind world heritage-listed stone walls that date back to the 12th century. Within the fortifications lies a maze of narrow, cobblestoned streets weaving between old sandstone buildings with red-tiled rooves, recalling its Roman origins. The port city has a long maritime history that stretches back into antiquity.

Today, it has become a popular tourist destination for Croatians, Europeans, and visitors from all over the world. The bustling town comes alive in the summertime with markets, restaurants, cafes, and bars that spill out into the picturesque streets.

Off the coast of the city, the group of islands that form the Zadar Archipelago features striking landscapes and quaint villages.

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