Van Life Mexico: The Ultimate List of FAQs

Traveling to Mexico should be on everyone’s bucket list. And the best way to travel Mexico? In your very own van. But, the difference in traveling to Cancun for spring break and embarking on a Van Life Mexico adventure is huge, and there are some things to know before you go.

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Be More Self-Reliant: 7 Products for Self-Sufficiency

We recently wrote a post detailing ways to be more self-reliant in your own home, as a way to promote self-isolation during the pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Following up on these tips, here are seven simple products that can promote self-sufficiency and allow you to isolate for longer, whether you are headed for a remote camping destination in the van or locked-down in your own home.

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Kelli watching the sea in Ecuador

What is Van Life and Overlanding: The Ultimate Guide

Contemplating a safari across Africa? Circumnavigating Australia in a Land Cruiser? Perhaps a trip through Europe in a souped-up sprinter van? Have you considered motorbiking across the steppe of Mongolia? Or driving the Americas from Halifax to the southern tip of Argentina? If you have ever thought about these or, some similar adventure, you have no doubt asked yourself what is Overlanding, Van Life and Van Dwelling. What’s the difference between these terms? Is there one? And how do I get started? Before you set off on your travel adventure let’s go over the basics.

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Working from a cafe in Peru

4 Insights From Working on the Road

Over the last decade or more, I have found the style of travel and the way to fund that travel that works best for me, or, at least, the way that works best for me right now. Here are four insights I’ve come to find about working and travelling.

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