Camping in Evercreech Forest Reserve in North East Tasmania

14 Best Things to Do in North East Tasmania

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From rushing waterfalls to fresh produce, locally produced wine to mountain biking adventures, here are the best things to do in north east Tasmania!

Tasmania may be small, but there is plenty to see and do in Australia’s southern island state. Many visitors head straight for the Tasman Peninsula, the Great Eastern Drive on or to the alpine regions of the Western Wilds to tackle one of the many hikes Tasmania has to offer. But, those who venture further off the beaten track in Tasmania will be rewarded with unique and memorable experiences.

This guide of the best things to do in North East Tasmania focuses on the area west of Launceston to the coast. It’s a place of striking beauty and great variety with a broad range of experiences on offer. Hit the mountain bike trails in the morning and sample fine wines in the afternoon. Discover beautiful lakes and tranquil waterfalls. Taste cheese fresh from the dairy or sample locally brewed beers. Camp under a blanket of stars in prehistoric forests by night and walk beautiful beaches by day.

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The Best Things to Do in North East Tasmania

1 | Explore the Pipers River Wineries

The cellar door at Delamere Vineyards is one of the best things to do in North East Tasmania
The beautiful cellar door at Delamere Vineyards. A visit to this wine region is one of the best things to do in North East Tasmania!

Tasmania is home to seven major wine regions, one of which can be found here. For anyone with even a passing interest in wine, spending some time visiting the wineries of Pipers Rivers is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in North East Tasmania.

A worthwhile stop on any North East Tasmania road trip, be sure to stop in at a couple of wineries for a tasting and to pick up a bottle or two. The area is particularly recognized for its sparkling varietals and is home to Australia’s most awarded sparkling wine. Whether you enjoy sipping at the powerhouse wineries such as Bay of Fires or if you prefer boutique wineries such as Delamere Vineyards, there is a winery for everyone.

If sparkling isn’t your thing, no worries. Most of the Pipers River wineries also offer a range of non-sparkling wines to sample. The primary grapes grown throughout the region are chardonnay and pinot noir, but you may find a few outliers in the area such as the grüner veltliner from Sinapius!

2 | Enjoy a Picnic at Fork It Farm

Fork It Farm in the Pipers River wine region is a great place to enjoy a picnic in the paddock. Open from Wednesday to Sunday (Sat./Sun. dependent on market days), Fork It Farm offers picnics of their nutritious, naturally grown pigs on their working farm. Come for a farm tour, and stay for a picnic. Supporting Fork It Farm is a great way to support sustainable farming methods ensuring the future of our planet.

3 | Sample a Local Brew at the Little Rivers Brewery in Scottsdale

If you don’t enjoy wine as much as a refreshing lager, then you are in luck. Tasmania’s craft beer scene is as impressive as its wine production. One of our favorite breweries in Tasmania was the Little Rivers Brewery in Scottsdale. Pop in for a tasting paddle or grab a mixed six-pack for the road. We particularly liked the dark lager and the pale ale.

4 | Indulge at Pyengana Dairy

A cheese board from Pyengana Dairy in North East Tasmania
Nothing beats a delicious cheese board!

With fine wine goes fine cheese, and Tassie has it covered with a number of world-class cheese producers across the state. A pit stop at Pyengana Dairy and cafe on your North East Tasmania road trip is a must.

Pyengana Dairy specializes in cheddar. Whether you like your cheddar matured or infused with chili, pickled, or even made with goat’s milk, you will be sure to find something you love at Pyengana Dairy. Pyengana Dairy also stocks local wines from a few wineries for you to sample if you don’t have time to visit the Pipers River wine region.

5 | Go Mountain Biking in the Blue Tier

Any mountain bike enthusiasts will absolutely love North East Tasmania and particularly the Blue Tier Forest Reserve. A network of mountain bike trails weave 84 km throughout the reserve and offer trails from the beginner to the most experienced biker.

The most famed of the mountain bike trails is the 40 km track from the Blue Tier to the Bay of Fires called the Bay of Fires Trail. Bike through lush rainforests, past stunning waterfalls until you begin to catch glimpses of the ocean as you make your way down to the Bay of Fires.

This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for mountain bike lovers!

6 | Enjoy a Pint at the Pub in the Paddock

Australia is home to some pretty iconic hotels. From Daly Waters in the Northern Territory to the Leap Hotel in Queensland, each state has its own quirky pub that is worth a visit. In Tasmania, it is the Pub in the Paddock. Its claim to fame is not only being a pub in a paddock but rather its princess, Priscilla, the beer-guzzling pig.

Pop in for a pint or stay for the night at one of the oldest pubs in Tasmania.

The Best Free Things to do in North East Tasmania

A great thing about exploring northeast Tasmania is the abundance of things to do that are free. The remarkable beauty of northeast Tasmania everywhere you look is free to enjoy and explore. And there is no better way to do this, than with these top free things to do in north east Tasmania.

7 | Marvel at the Beauty of Little Blue Lake

The Little Blue Lake located in South Mount Cameron is one of the most unique places to visit in North East Tasmania. Its shimmering blue water is a result of the white clay taking on the reflection of the blue sky. Its blue color is something that only appears in storybooks!

Despite the lure from the beautiful Little Blue Lake, swimming and drinking the water is ill-advised. The lake is acidic and has a high mineral content which is the reason for the amazing color of the water.

8 | Catch a Sunrise at the Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires along the Great Eastern Drive in Tasmania is one of the top things to do in North East Tasmania. This stretch of coastline covering 50 kilometers is most recognizable for its orange-lichen-covered rocks, vast white sand beaches, and vistas over the beautiful blue ocean. If you are on a road trip around Tasmania, the Bay of Fires is also a great place to camp as there are heaps of free campsites to choose from.

9 | Get Active at Mount William National Park

Mount William National Park borders the Bay of Fires and provides an excellent viewing point over the expansive coastline. The easy 3.6km return Mount William summit trail in Tasmania should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. The Mount William summit trail offers stunning views over the Bay of Fires and on a clear day the Bass Strait islands!

Make sure to take plenty of water as there are no fill-up points along the track!

10 | Discover St. Columba Falls in Pyengna

The list of the best things to do in North East Tasmania would not be complete without at least a couple of stunning waterfalls. Easily one of the best waterfalls in Tasmania, St. Columba Falls is a must on any North East Tasmania road trip. Meander down the 1.2 km trail to the bottom of the waterfalls through the palm-covered rainforest.

The trail ends at the foot of St. Columba Falls where you may be sprayed by the roar of the waterfall. To return to the car park, follow the same track back up the hill.

Before you head off, make sure to read the tale of the tough young woman who once got lost near St. Columba Falls and her valiant survival story.

11 | Be Dwarfed by the White Knights of the Evercreech Forest Reserve

The Evercreech Forest Reserve is one of the best off-the-beaten-track locations to visit in Tasmania! We had no idea what to expect when we ventured to Evercreech Forest Reserve after visiting St. Columba Falls nearby but were pleased we made the effort to reach it.

Follow a series of dirt logging tracks through the backcountry to be rewarded with one of the most idyllic places Tasmania has to offer. The forest which has been around for millennia is home to one of the world’s tallest trees, the manna gum. These magnificent trees, dubbed the “White Knights”, can reach heights of over 90 meters tall. The walk through the White Knights is listed as one of the 60 Great Short Walks in Tasmania and is an easy 1 km circuit or 400-meter return journey.

12 | Wander the South Esk River to Evercreech Falls

Ferns along the South Esk River in the Evercreech Forest Reserve
Wandering through the ancient ferns of Evercreech Forest Reserve is one of the best things to do in North East Tasmania

Visiting the White Knights of Evercreech is not all there is to do in the impressive Evercreech Forest Reserve. Continue your stay in the reserve by taking a walk along the South Esk River through the prehistoric rainforest. As impressive as the giant manna gums, it is hard not to imagine a time when the megafauna walked this same path.

The trail to the Evercreech Falls is an approximately 2 km long circuit that requires a creek crossing with a rope. It is not advised to cross the creek if the water level is high or flowing rapidly. We ended up circling back due on the same route due to the conditions of the creek crossing.

13 | Camp Under the Stars in Evercreech Forest Reserve

Camping at Evercreech Forest Reserve in North East Tasmania

If you can’t tell, we loved our time at Evercreech Forest Reserve. Take the opportunity to camp under the stars in the Evercreech Forest Reserve. Fall asleep to the trickling sound of the South Esk River. Roast marshmallows by the fire. Whatever you do, just spend at least one night in Evercreech Forest Reserve.

The facilities are top-notch with a pavilion with covered seating and a wood-fired BBQ as well as a few grassy areas with additional fire pits. There are also drop toilets near the trailhead to the White Knights.

We stayed one night in the Evercreech Forest Reserve, and it was one of our favorite experiences camping in North East Tasmania.

14 | Discover the Serenity of Mathinna Falls

Mathinna Falls, one of the best things to do in North East Tasmania
The beautiful Mathianna Falls is one of the best things to do in North East Tasmania!

Another waterfall in Tasmania that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves is the stunning Mathinna Falls. Accessed via another series of logging tracks, this waterfall in North East Tasmania is one not to miss.

An easy 30-minute walk from the parking lot will take you to the base of the falls where the water cascades over 80 meters into a small plunge pool.

Similar to other waterfalls in the area, the ancient ferns that grow along the bank of the stream make the walk to the falls almost as impressive as the falls themselves.

Pack your lunch and soak in the beauty of your surroundings.

Where to Stay in North East Tasmania

Bay of Fires Bush Retreat

Image by Bay of Fires Bush Retreat

Enjoy a bit of nature at the Bay of Fires Bush Retreat. This rustic retreat is just 2.1 kilometers from the stunning Binalong Bay and offers everything you need for an enjoyable stay. At Bay of Fires Bush Retreat, you can choose to stay in spacious, comfortable cabins or cozy bell tents. The retreat also offers a shared kitchen for those looking to cook their own meals.

Derby Digs Barn

Derby Digs Barn is another great option and base for exploring some of the best things to do in north east Tasmania. This holiday home sleeps ten and is perfect for families and group getaways. With everything you need, you will be more than comfortable at Derby Digs Barn. PLus, if you are headed to north east Tasmania specifically for mountain biking, the Derby Digs Barn is conveniently located to the MTB shuttle ensuring you can easily get to all the great tracks you are hoping to tackle.


Image by Willowlodge

Situated in the small town of Scottsdale, Willowlodge is the perfect bed and breakfast for couples on a north east Tasmania road trip. Not only is the house is set on a beautiful homestead, but the owner Pete goes out of his way to make sure guests are well taken care of during their stay. Outside of breakfast, Pete is also willing to arrange a catered dinner directly at the house where you can enjoy the homestead to the fullest. A truly wonderful place to stay to explore the area, you cannot go wrong with staying at Willowlodge.


We hope this list of the best things to do in North East Tasmania has provided you with a little inspiration for your upcoming adventures. There is no shortage of amazing waterfalls, delicious local produce, and stunning landscapes in this part of Tasmania!

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed your North East Tasmania road trip or if there are other things that should be added to our list of the best things to do in North East Tasmania!

Looking for More Things to Do in Tasmania

Tasmania is full of adventures to be had and things to do. If you are looking for more places to visit in Tasmania, check out one of our other articles for more Tassie inspiration!


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