Where to Find the Best Oysters in Tasmania

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Where to find the best oysters in Tasmania from the north to the south!

One of the best things to do in Tasmania is to indulge in some of the local delicacies. From Tasmania’s delicious wine to their locally produced cheese and maybe the most prized of all, fresh oysters plucked from the cool waters that surround the island state. Even if you didn’t arrive an oyster lover, sampling some of the region’s world-class oysters is a must-do when traveling Tasmania and may convert you!

So, where can you find the best oysters in Tasmania? We spent two months traveling all over in search of the best oysters in Tasmania. Here is a list of our favorite places, the ones we think you should not miss on any trip around Tasmania. So without further adieu, here is where we think you can find the best oysters in Tasmania!

Melshell Oyster Shack along the Great Eastern Drive

Melshell Oysters has some of the best oysters in Tasmania on the Great Eastern Drive Tasmania
Melshell Oyster Shack has some of the best oysters in Tasmania with one of the best views!

Probably one of the most notable oyster farms in Tasmania is Melshell Oyster Shack. Located along the Great Eastern Drive, visiting Melshell Oyster Shack is a must on any Great Eastern Drive itinerary.

The Melshell Oyster Shack oysters were perhaps our favorite of all of the oyster shacks that we visited in Tasmania. But the fabulous oysters are not the only reason to visit Melshell. Melshell Oyster Shack is BYO which means stopping in at one of the wineries nearby is a must before you head out to Melshell.

Whats better, Melshell Oyster Shack also has stunning views over Coles Bay and Mount Freycinet!

Get Shucked on Bruny Island

Bruny Island is home to the “Neck” lookout, albino wallabies, and one of our favorite breweries in Tasmania. It is also home to some of the best oysters in Tasmania. Get Shucked located on North Bruny is a must for any oyster lover.

Get Shucked serves up the best oysters on the island anyway you like them. Whether you enjoy your oysters natural or dressed, Kilpatrick or Asian fusion, there is guaranteed to be an oyster on their menu to tickle your fancy.

Even better, they have a large deck where you can sit outside enjoying your meal with the cool salty breeze in the air. And don’t forget the local beverages that you can enjoy at Get Shucked either. Choose from a range of local wines, beers and ciders.

Blue Lagoon Oysters in Boomer Bay

If you are visiting Tasmania, there is a great chance that you will be headed toward the Tasman Penisula. Home to Port Arthur, the three capes, and Fortescue Bay, it is a must-see any Tasmania road trip.

If you are an oyster lover who is on the hunt for the best oysters in Tasmania, then make sure to stop in at Blue Lagoon Oysters in Boomer Bay before heading over the bridge to the Tasman Peninsula.

Blue Lagoon Oysters is an oyster distributor, however, there is a small outlet on site where you can purchase takeaway oysters. One of the best things about Blue Lagoon Oysters is the price. Easily the cheapest oysters we found in Tasmania, you can buy a dozen of the biggest freshest oysters you will ever eat for just $14!

Tarkine Fresh Oysters in Northwest Tasmania

There is no better place in northwest Tasmania to taste the fresh oysters than at Tarkine Fresh Oysters in Smithton. Freshly harvested nearby in Duck Bay, the best time to taste these succulent oysters is from November to April each year.

Even if you are not a fan of natural raw oysters, try some of the cooked varieties of Tarkine Fresh Oysters. Here you can sample a wide array of baked oysters from kilpatrick oysters topped with cooked bacon, onion and worcestershire sauce to rocky point oysters, oysters topped with sour cream mixed with lemon & cheese and a fresh garlic breadcrumb, and even pizza oysters!


What did you think of our list of the best oysters in Tasmania? Let us know in the comments below!


Keep on shucking!


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