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How to Visit San Agustin Huatulco and the Huatulco National Park With a Van

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Huatulco is one of Mexico’s national parks located along the coast of Oaxaca. Only declared a national park in 1998, it is new on the scene. There is not much to see inside the park, known primarily for its low-growth vegetation, but the beauty is in the bays. With over ten different bays to choose from each with its own little private (and not so private) beach, it is the perfect place to relax unconnected from the world.

How to Get to San Agustin Huatulco

There are two main roads from Oaxaca City to the central coastline. One leads towards Puerto Escondido and the other to Puerto Angel. To get to San Agustin Huatulco take the 175D towards Puerto Angel. The road splits about an hour south of San Jose del Pacifico. Make sure you stay on 175D towards Puerto Angel. The other road while appearing to be shorter in time is a mistake. The road conditions are so poor that it takes forever. Skip the potholes and the beating on your car and opt for the longer route.

Dodging the potholes earlier doesn’t mean forever. Once you arrive at the turnoff to Playa San Agustin Huatulco, it is a long stretch of dirt road filled with washboarding and potholes. But don’t be deterred by the slow going because the reward at the end is worth it.

Where to Stay in San Agustin Huatulco

It is not recommended to stay in the park, but you can visit the small city just in the first bay and from here you can explore the beauty of Huatulco.

For overlanders, the best place to stay is Camping Don Taco in Playa San Agustin Huatulco. It does not get much better than beachfront, and that is just what you get here. Enough space for four to five medium-sized vans, Don Taco is the perfect base for a night or two. Don Taco offers two large palapas for shade, an outdoor kitchen (no cooking essentials included), two toilets and a shower. Everything you need for an enjoyable beachside night.

Pro-tip: Do not climb the large stump on the beach outside of Don Taco. As the sunset, Eddie and I snagged the opportunity to take some great photos on this iconic stump. Little did we know, it was sacred. If we had known, we would not have climbed the stump, but there are no warning signs. Now that you know, be respectful and keep off the stump.

The beaches of Huatulco are beautiful
The beaches of Huatulco are beautiful

Where to Eat in San AGustin Huatulco

Most of the food in Huatulco is the same. Each restaurant serves overpriced fish, shrimp, and octopus. The best restaurant in town is by far El Capi. Located at the far end of the bay, the prices here are slightly higher than other restaurants in town, but the quality far superior.

What to Bring with You to Playa San Agustin Huatulco

Playa San Agustin Hualtulco offers very little in terms of amenities. It is unlike the neighboring beaches of Zipolate, Mazunte or Zicatela catering primarily to Western tourists. With that being said, the shops in town sell only the basics. Beer, water and ice. Very few fruit and veg are available, and we didn’t see any real place to shop outside of the basic junk. Bring everything you need if you want to cook, otherwise, it’s a long journey back for groceries.

What to Do in San Agustin Huatulco

The beaches of Huatulco are beautiful
The beaches of Huatulco are beautiful

We know Oaxaca for its amazing beaches. So it is without saying that the best thing to do in San Agustin is to visit the various beaches protected by the Huatulco National Park. At Don Taco, hire a boat, skipper included, for the day at $500 pesos per hour. Or be dropped off Bahia Riscalillo or Playa La India or any one of the many Hualtulco beaches and bays in between for $1,000 pesos round trip, drop off and return time depends on your preference.

The earlier you go the better. Tours from various neighboring beach towns arrive starting around 11:00 so it is best to get all of your photos and alone time out of the way before then. Large tourist boats can quickly spoil the untainted, long white beaches, the clear blue waters, and active marine life.

Connectivity in San Agustin Huatulco

Huatulco is a place to disconnect from social media and emails. Enjoy being surrounded by nature, the ocean sea breeze, and friends and family. Cell signal in San Agustin Huatulco is patchy at best and wifi is spotty. Relax and soak up the sun. Your social media and emails will be there when you get back.

Looking For More Things to do in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca was absolutely our favorite state in Mexico to explore. We spent months exploring all Oaxaca had to offer and were still a little sad when we decided to go. From the vibrant city of Oaxaca to the stunning Oaxaca beaches to the beautiful mountain towns, there are so many places to visit in Oaxaca. Find out our favorite Oaxaca destinations in one of our Oaxaca blog posts below for a little Mexico travel inspiration!

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