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The 8 Best Cafes in Oaxaca

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The Best Cafes in Oaxaca for any Occasion

A life on the road without coffee would be miserable, so we always take our moka pot where ever we go. But whenever we go somewhere with a thriving coffee culture, we love to throw ourselves right in. And, in Mexico, cafe culture is certainly seeping into the cities, tourist hotspots and larger towns. But leaving them and many other global destinations in the dust is Oaxaca’s flourishing cafe and coffee scene. A foodie, arts and cultural destination situated in one of the nation’s major coffee-producing regions, it’s no surprise that some of the country’s best cafes can be found here, many within a 2km radius of downtown Oaxaca.

While you won’t have any trouble finding a good coffee here, we’ve taken the liberty of doing some of the leg work and a lot of the sitting and drinking coffee work, to discover the best cafes in Oaxaca and what they are best suited to.

Cafe Tradicion

The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for a Quick Hit

Cup of coffee while working at Cafe Tradicion. A top cafe in Oaxaca.

Great coffee. Like really great coffee. A short menu allows these guys to focus on the basics and they absolutely nail their macchiato. These guys have some of the best coffee in Oaxaca easily making them one of the best cafes in Oaxaca.

A noisy open air courtyard with uncomfortable seating and poor wifi signal means this place is best for a quick caffeine hit and run or to grab something to go on your way to the next gallery.

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Cafeto & Baristas

The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for the Connoisseur

Coffee in Oaxaca

A little off the beaten tourist circuit in the Zocolo, you will find this tiny gem on the northern edge of the city centro. It’s clear that these guys take the science of coffee seriously. They offer hot and cold brews made in every conceivable way, traditional espresso, Ibrik, Moka, Aeropress, V60, Chemex, French press, Japanese siphon or drip pot.

The cold brew was a winner, an easy-drinking coffee that won’t leave you overly acidic or jittery. The espresso was fine, but not the best we’ve had. Nevertheless, high marks for this tiny cafe, run by passionate baristas.

The small space only has three tiny tables. The seats are not designed for comfort and the wifi barely functions.

This is a place to sit and savor the ritual of coffee set to a seventies soundtrack.

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Sho’ Cafe Organico

The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for Spreading Out

Sho Cafe Coffee in Oaxaca

Tucked away just on the edge of the historic city center lies Sho’ Cafe Organico. What makes Sho’ Cafe one of the best cafes in Oaxaca? Fast WIFI and space.

There are plenty of tables equipped with power points available for the remote freelancer or social media influencer.

The drawbacks? The coffee is good but not the best we tried, the cafe is a bit dark, and the seats are not super comfortable. Perhaps better suited for catching up on emails rather than putting serious hours into your memoir.

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The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for the Best Brunch

One of the best breakfasts at Cepiche, one of the best Cafe's in Oaxaca.
A traditional Oaxacan breakfast at Chepiche, one of the best cafes in Oaxaca

The Oaxacan-style coffee is top-notch here and some of the best coffee in Oaxaca hands down. We would recommend Chepiche on this basis alone, but Chepiche is also one of the best cafes in Oaxaca for brunch. Make sure you pencil it in for breakfast during your stay as these guys are only open until mid-day. You’ll find the hidden courtyard cafe in Barrio Xochimilco.

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Muss Cafe

The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for Aesthetic

Cup of coffee from Muss. One of the fanciest cups of coffee in Oaxaca.

This contemporary cafe attached to the Casa Antonieta Hotel in downtown Oaxaca is stylish but without compromising on coffee.

Delicious coffee, pastries, and light meals are beautifully presented on local pottery in a sleek modern cafe space.

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Marito & Moglie

The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for the Atmosphere

Marito & Moglie Coffee and Menu. On of our favourite cafe's in Oaxaca.

This cute cafe offers a simple coffee and food menu, which they execute impeccably.

In addition to great coffee, the drawcard for this cozy sunlit cafe in downtown Oaxaca is the atmosphere. This atmosphere is partly due to the space with its high ceilings, exposed brick walls, warm rustic decor, leafy plants, and sunny terrace, and partly to the super charming staff.

Marito & Moglie is a great place to get lost in a book for a couple of hours. Enjoy a great coffee or something from their short but delicious breakfast menu. These guys close at 4 pm.

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The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for Bagels and Great Coffee to Go

Cup of to-go coffee at Cafebre. One of the best cafe's in Oaxaca
A cup of coffee to go from Cafebre, one of the best cafes in Oaxaca!

Located right in the center of town, Cafebre is a great spot to start the day with a very decent cup of coffee and a large bagel before embarking on a tour of the downtown. These guys are quite popular, with their tables always full. It is obvious these guys have some of Oaxaca’s best coffee.

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Sagrado Filemón

The Best Cafe in Oaxaca for Attention to Detail

Baristas making coffee at Filemon Coffee Producers. Definitely among the best cafes in Oaxaca.
The guys at Filemon serving up some of the best coffee in Oaxaca!

Tucked away, off the beaten path in Barrio Xochimilco is Filemon, easily one of the best cafes in Oaxaca. Keeping up with the coffee culture, Filemon has it all. The Chemex, the Aeropress, the V60, the expensive espresso machine, you name it. Best of all, they know how to use them. It is no wonder these guys are serving up some of the best coffee in Oaxaca.

Once strictly a coffee shop, Filemon has expanded to include an amazing, well-crafted breakfast and lunch menu.

The attention to detail these guys have for coffee is evident in the cups they serve. Be sure not to miss this place, it is definitely among the best cafes in Oaxaca and a personal highlight for us.

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With these cafes in Oaxaca, you are sure to find the best coffee in Oaxaca and exactly what you are looking for as you explore Oaxaca.

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