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Bansko Ski Rental Review: The Best Snowboard and Ski Hire in Bansko Bulgaria

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Snowboard and Ski Hire in Bansko

When we travel, we travel light. So when we set our sights on heading to southwest Bulgaria to ski in Bansko for a month we were without skis or equipment. As such, we set out to find the best Bansko ski rental. After some online research, we reached out to the most highly regarded service on the mountain, Bansko Ski and Board Traventuria, to see if they would be willing to fix us up with some gear for our trip. We were invited by Ski & Board Traventuria to try out their ski and snowboard rental service. Claiming to offer the best ski hire in Bansko we put them to the test.

Hired ski and snowboards from Bansko ski rental
Beautiful Bansko from the gondola

Hiring equipment through Ski & Board Traventuria was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Their website was clear and easy to use, allowing us to see how much the different packages would cost, and how to best bundle services to save money. In the shop, we found that Ski & Board Traventuria offered a huge range of rental equipment to suit any skill level or budget. They have the latest modern ski equipment, and the equipment was properly serviced and cared for. Ski & Board Traventuria also provides a number of premium services that aren’t available everywhere such as ski and boot storage and day before fittings. The Bansko ski rental shop is conveniently located less than two hundred meters from the gondola.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, all the team in the shop are fantastic. They made us feel welcome and comfortable from the minute we stepped foot in the ski shop. Every day we got off the mountain, they wanted to know how our day was, if we were happy with the equipment and the setup and if there was anything they could do to help make our next day even better. It was the staff working at Travanturia that really made the biggest difference to our Bansko ski rental experience (don’t just take our word for it check out their Trip Advisor reviews!).

Here is everything you need to know about snowboard and ski rental in Bansko.

Getting Your Bansko Ski Hire and Lift pass

Inside a Bansko ski rental shop
It’s nice not to queue, ‘day before fittings’ mean you can avoid the morning rush

If you are coming to Bansko for a skiing holiday, then there are two things you are absolutely going to need, something to get up the mountain…a lift pass and something to get down… skis or a snowboard.

Rental skis and snowboard
Key equipment for skiing and snowboarding!

If you don’t have your own ski equipment, there are plenty of ski shops that can get you sorted with everything you need to enjoy the slopes. But as with all things, not all Bansko ski shops are created equal. With so many different options for ski hire in Bansko, it’s important to deal with a reputable operator. Professional fittings, quality equipment, offering important features like lockers, early fittings, convenient opening hours, and friendly professional staff are all things that can be the difference between a wonderful ski rental experience and a miserable one.

Skis to suit any skill level and budget at the best Bansko ski shop in town, Ski & Board Traventuria.
Skis to suit any skill level or budget

When it comes to your lift pass, most ski shops will also sell you one. You can get a better deal when you bundle your lift pass with ski rental and of course, you save time by sorting both things out at the same time.

A snowboard in front of a mountain in Bansko
The view from the top of Mt. Todorka, Bansko

Our Experience with Ski & Board Traventuria: The Best Bansko Ski Rental

We arrived in Bansko on Sunday afternoon after transferring from the Sofia airport to Bansko. We had pre-arranged a Sunday afternoon fitting upon arrival in Bansko. Early ski fittings the day before your rental starts are an important point of difference offered by Traventuria. Given that most other ski rental shops open up after the queue for the gondola has already filled out for the day this free service available with premium ski or snowboard packages mean you can be first up the lift on your first day of skiing rather than spending half the day queuing which is what you’ll be doing if you get a late start in peak season.

racks of ski boots in a Bansko ski rental shop
Well fitting boots could make or break your Bansko ski rental experience

When we arrived in the store around 3 pm on Sunday there were a number of groups already in the center being fitted. However, there were ample staff members working, and we were helped immediately. We were fitted for ski boots for Kelli and snowboard boots for me. The staff helped us check if the boots were a good fit and showed us how the equipment worked.

Next, we got our skis and snowboards. The design of the board and skis provided is based on your experience level. For us, that meant entry-level boards and skis designed for learning the slopes. As part of their premium service, Traventuria prides itself on its modern equipment, offering some of the newest skis and boards in town. In fact, our equipment was brand new, and we had to peel the protective plastic off it before our bindings could be set up.

Once our fitting was done, we were taken upstairs to get our locker. Traventuria Ski and Board has large lockers you can rent to store skis, boots, helmets, goggles, and whatever other equipment you need. This was a godsend for us as our accommodation was quite far from the gondola and we were dreading carting the gear up and back each day.

Lockers inside a Bansko ski hire shop
Being able to store your ski gear near the gondola is so important

The next day, we were up and at’em early to make the most of our first-day skiing. Traventuria opens at 7:00 am each morning. This allowed us to be suited up and close to first in line for Bansko’s gondola queue which can be lengthy in peak times. This service is not available at many ski shops which don’t open until later in the morning.

In fact, on our first day queuing a woman in front of us asked us to hold her spot in the line while she went to collect her ski gear from another hire shop. We did so but unfortunately, she was gone for so long she never made it back in time to reclaim her position in the line before the gondola started for the morning. For us, this was an important feature of Traventuria’s service, and it meant being able to make it to the front of the gondola line easily.

Each day we arrived at the ski shop or returned in the afternoon, we got a warm welcome in the shop. The friendly staff were always curious about how our day was, whether our gear was ok, and where we were off to party. They were always cracking jokes and it made for a really nice atmosphere in the shop. We really appreciated the staff working at Ski & Board Tranventuria going above and beyond to make sure our ski hire experience in Bansko was top notch.

FAQ for Bansko Ski Rental

Products like gloves and helmets for sale inside a Bansko ski rental shop
Left your accessories at home? You can find reasonably priced accessories in town

How Much Is Ski Rental in Bansko?

Ski rental in Bansko is some of the cheapest you will find in Europe. For a standard week holiday (6-day ski rental), the Bansko ski rental prices range between BGN $125 – $200 (approximately €65 – €105) for skis, boots, and poles. Prices vary depending on the rental shop you use, your ski level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and the age and quality of the skis you want to rent.

Many companies offer discount pricing when booking online or when bundling products like transfers or ski lessons.

How Much Is Snowboard Rental in Bansko?

Similar to ski rental, snowboard hire in Bansko depends largely on your skill level and the quality of snowboard. You can expect to pay between BGN $125 – $240 (approximately €65 – €125) to rent a snowboard and snowboard boots in Bansko. This represents great value compared to some other European resorts.

Do You Have to Wear a Helmet Skiing in Bulgaria?

A woman taking a chairlift up a snowy mountain in Bansko
Helmets are always a good idea and available from any Bansko ski hire store

You definitely should! Even if there is no legal requirement to do so, almost everyone we saw skiing in Bansko used a helmet.

Helmets can be rented from all of the ski shops in town including Ski and Board Traventuria.

Prices range for six days rental is from BGN 20 – 40 (approximately €10 – €20), a small price to pay to ensure you are well protected.

What Should I Wear in Bansko?

Bansko’s winter temperatures generally fluctuate between -5 and 5 during the day on the mountain. Weather can be anything from sunny ‘bluebird’ days with the low wind through to snowing with heavy wind and clouds. On the mountain, you’ll need specific ski clothing to stay, warm, dry, and comfortable all day. A list of suggested ski clothing can be found below.

  • Long thermal underwear (top and bottom)
  • Warm long sleeve mid-layer top – fleece or wool
  • Ski Pants and Ski Jacket (or Ski suit)
  • Thick, warm, woolen socks
  • Beanie
  • Inner gloves
  • Mittens
  • Neck warmer
  • Buff
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
Ski jackets for hire in Bansko
Ski clothes rental is a handy service that not every ski shop in Bansko provides

Traventuria rents ski pants and ski jackets as well as helmets and goggles. Other items like thermal underwear, mittens, beanies, socks, and scarves are considered personal items and should be brought with you.

Where is the Cheapest Ski Hire Bansko?

There are a number of cheap ski and snowboard rental shops in Bansko. Most shops offer a range of equipment to suit any budget. From top-of-the-line brand new equipment to older, entry-level skis, snowboards, and other gear.

The cheapest stores in town often rent out the equipment that has been onsold by the more reputable shops having gone well beyond prime condition. You’ll find some stores in town offering skis for as little as €10 euro per day.

Can I Get Ski Lessons in Bansko?

Of course!

There are a number of great ski schools in Bansko. A two-hour private ski lesson costs around €70 – €80 for one person dependent on the season but prices decrease if you book for multiple days or take a private lesson as a group.


Hopefully, we have answered some of your questions about Bansko ski rental. But if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below!

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