PowerVision S1 Review: A Travel Vlogging Gimbal

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PowerVision sent us their pocket-sized smartphone gimbal the S1 which holds the title of the world’s smallest gimbal. This is our PowerVision S1 review.

We were asked to put the S1 to the test and decide whether it was a gimmick, or a serious gimbal, up to the task of replacing heavier (and more expensive) pieces of camera stabilization equipment.

For us, it was perfect timing. After finishing our first vlogging series on the boat, relying mostly on a larger gimbal for our DSLR, we are moving back to traveling with backpacks. Without enough space to carry a full-sized camera gimbal, we were ready to see if we could rely on a smartphone and gimbal small enough to fit in our pockets.

After testing the S1 Power Vision for a few days, these were our impressions.

PowerVision provided us with an S1 for review. The following thoughts and impressions are our own. If our review helps you decide that a PowerVision S1 is the right gimbal for you then use the code VANABONDS to get 10% off your purchase. You can shop directly through PowerVision or on Amazon.

Check out our PowerVision S1 Video Review

PowerVision S1 Review: Pros And Cons


We found a lot to like about this nimble gimbal. Our favorite thing about this gimbal is how incredibly portable it is. But we were surprised to find out that while it is small in stature, it still manages to offer a lot of features.

+ Incredibly lightweight, compact, and portable

Weighing in at less than 300 g and easily fitting in a pocket when folded, the S1 is extremely portable. This is probably the number one benefit for anyone looking for a travel gimbal to help document their adventures. You can bring it along on any travel adventure. No matter how light you pack, you won’t have to decide between lugging around heavy equipment and getting smooth shots.

+ 3-Axis Gimbal

Despite its small size, the S1 offers a full-featured 3-axis gimbal experience.

+ Sophisticated Tracking Technology

The gimbal and supporting software offers cutting-edge AI and tracking technology. This allows travelers and content creators to make videos on the go, even when they are by themselves.

+ Simple Set Up

Setting up and balancing a gimbal can be a serious hassle, and it is time-consuming. For travel vloggers, or anyone trying to capture their travel memories, the time spent setting up a gimbal often isn’t practical. The S1 can be unfolded, attached magnetically to a smartphone, powered on, and ready to shoot in about 10 seconds.

+ Vision+1 App

The app connects easily with the gimbal it offers intuitive gesture controls, and lots of tutorials to help creators unlock the potential of the gimbal.

+ Long Battery Life

The Powervision S1 supposedly has 15 hours of battery life! We haven’t put it to the test, but if true, that is a fantastic feature for travelers on the move.

+ Inbuilt Wireless Powerbank

The S1 also functions as a power bank for your smartphone and other devices. It also supports wireless Qi charging for compatible smartphones.

+ Small Inbuilt Tripod for Interviews

You can eliminate a tripod from your kit as the S1 design incorporates a stand that turns this handheld gimbal into a tripod.

+ Less Conspicuous than a Full-Size Gimbal and Camera Rig

One thing we enjoyed about using the S1 was that it doesn’t draw as much attention as filming with a larger gimbal and camera setup.


There are a couple of potential drawbacks you need to consider when deciding whether the PowerVision S1 is right for you and your travel adventures.

– The S1 Can’t Support a Camera

Predictably, a gimbal of this size isn’t big enough to attach a camera to. If you film exclusively with a camera then the S1 is not the gimbal for you.

– Smaller Motors

The smaller size of the S1 means that the gimbal motors are smaller than what you might find in large high-quality camera gimbals. This can affect the smoothness of the gimbal’s rotations.

– Less Range Than Larger Gimbals

The gimbal doesn’t have the same range of motion that many larger gimbals offer.

– Control Stick is a Bit Tricky

We found that the small joy stick is difficult to manage at times, but I’m sure with practice our skills as operators will develop.

PowerVision S1 for Travel Vlogging Summary

The PowerVision S1 is going to make a great addition to our camera kit and in a lot of instances will mean we can leave behind the larger DSLR gimbal at home. 

While there are some categories where this mini gimbal may not quite measure up to other competitors, its tiny size makes it an incredibly handy piece of equipment for travel vlogging and generally recording. The fact that this tiny, lightweight gimbal can easily fit easily in carry-on luggage, a backpack, or even in a pocket, while still delivering a complete gimbal experience is going to be extremely valuable to travellers and vloggers who need to think carefully about every single gram they pack.

PowerVision provided an S1 for review. The review is our own. If our review helps you decide that a PowerVision S1 is the right gimbal for you then use the code VANABONDS to get 10% off your purchase. You can shop directly through PowerVision or on Amazon.

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