Food to Try in Argentina Besides Steak & Empanadas

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My favorite part of visiting a new destination is the food. Whether it be street food or fancy restaurants, I get excited about it all. With Argentina being a bucket list destination for quite a while, I had dreamed about all of the delicious food that I would eat upon arrival. The most well known food to try in Argentina, of course, is steak and empanadas, but I could not wait to see what other great foods awaited me in Argentina.

During our two week stint in Argentina as part of our South America van life road trip, it was easy to see that the food in Argentina was nothing short of amazing.

The first question I ask myself when visiting a new country is, “what am I going to eat?” I love to try new food, visit new restaurants and sample the local flare. With Argentina being at the top of my travel bucket list for many years, I was excited to try the world renown steaks and sample the tasty empanadas. What I came to find out, however, was that there is so much more to Argentinian food than these two staples! The street food in Argentina has a few standouts that will sure to be crowd pleasers. Find out what else there is to eat in northwest Argentina in our list below.


A picada of over thirty spreads including marinated beans, roasted vegetables, charcuterie and cheese board and more.

The picada. There is so much to say about the picada. My expectation of the picada in Argentina was a simple yet delectable cheese and charcuterie platter like those you typically find throughout Westernized countries. This, however, was not the case. My simple platter turned out to be over thirty tiny plates. Upon arrival, a spread of grilled veggies, marinated beans, and tapenades plus an oversize cheese, charcuterie and olive platter lined the table set for two in our own private dining room. Plus there was all you could drink wine (and water of course). Needless to stay this meal was one of our most favorite adventures in Argentina. Find out more, including where to dine for the same experience, in our article on Mendoza. (Spoiler alert: We both were very unprepared to see a spread of over thirty plates and the dreaded bill).


Argentina's delicious lomito of thinly sliced steak, fried egg, tomatoes and lettuce.

The lomito is Argentina’s answer to the philly cheese steak. Found in tiny bodegas lining the streets of Argentina, this mighty sandwich is the perfect lunch time meal. Topped with thinly cut steak and loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheese and an egg, it is mouth watering. It is the perfect substitute from the famous empanadas sold throughout Argentina. Make sure you come hungry though as one is more than enough for one and ample for two.

Tortilla Rellenos

Stumbling down the street of Cafayate in Northwest Argentina with our stomachs rumbling, we happened upon a little gem. Just at the corner down on the way to Bodega Hermanos from the center square is the local tortilla relleno man. Only around after 17:30, it is a perfect stop for a bite to eat as dinner is not served until after 21:00 at the earliest. Serving up something that resembles a combination of Italian and Mexican fare, it is sure to hit the spot after a few (too many) wine tastings. Oozing with cheese and stuffed with your choice of salami or ham, you will be begging for seconds. Eddie and I shared one the first night and we quickly changed our ways on the second night. We were not willing to share with the other after a long day of wine tastings again.

Hopefully these other street food options in Argentina will be as enjoyable for you as they were for us! Let us know if you agree or disagree. What other foods would you include in the list?

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