6 Awesome Foods to Try in Argentina

6 Awesome Foods to Try in Argentina

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ummy, cheesy tortilla rellenas grilling on the streets of Cafayate

My favorite part of visiting a new destination has to be the food. Whether it be street food or fancy restaurants, I love it all. So it was no different when we set out to discover the best foods to try in Argentina.

Argentina had been a bucket list destination for a long time, and during that time I had often dreamed about all of the delicious foods to try in Argentina. The most well-known foods to try in Argentina are of course steak and empanadas, but I could not wait to see what other delicacies awaited me.

During our time in Argentina as part of our South America van life road trip, it was easy to see that the dining in Argentina was nothing short of amazing and soo affordable! From great street food to sit-down meals, find out all the foods to try in Argentina in our list below.

Tortilla Rellena: The Argentinian Stuffed Tortilla

Tortilla Rellana, one of the best foods to try in Argentina
Tortilla Rellana, one of the best foods to try in Argentina

Stumbling down the street of Cafayate in Northwest Argentina with our stomachs rumbling, we happened upon our first ever Tortilla Relleno. Oozing with cheese and stuffed with fillings like salami and ham, it’s somewhere between a pizza and an empanada, so really, how can you go wrong? Great for a late-night snack especially after sampling some of the wine Argentina is renowned for!

Lomito: The Best Lunch Food to Try in Argentina

The lomito is Argentina’s answer to the Philly cheesesteak. Found in tiny bodegas lining the streets of Argentina, this mighty sandwich is the perfect lunchtime food to try in Argentina. Topped with thinly cut steak and loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and an egg, it is mouth-watering and certain to fill you up. It is a great alternative to ubiquitous empanadas sold throughout Argentina. Make sure you come hungry though as a whole one of these is a serious lunch!

Argentina's delicious lomito of thinly sliced steak, fried egg, tomatoes and lettuce. One of the must-try foods in Argentina.
Lomitio, a must try food in Argentina

The Picada: A Smörgåsbord of Foods to Try in Argentina

A picada of over thirty spreads including marinated beans, roasted vegetables, charcuterie and cheese board and more.
Picada is a dining experience not to be missed in Argentina

There is so much to say about the picada. My expectation of the picada in Argentina was a simple cheese and charcuterie platter like ones you might order in westernized countries. This, however, is not the case. My simple platter turned out to be over thirty tiny plates and larger hot plates.

Upon our arrival, a spread of grilled veggies, marinated beans, and tapenades plus an oversize cheese, charcuterie, and olive platter lined the table which was set for two in our own private dining room. Over the course of the meal hot plates including empanadas, spaghetting and desert were also delivered to the table. Plus there was all you could drink wine (and water of course). Having arrived not knowing what to expect we left extremely impressed and extremely stuffed. Sufficed to say, this meal was one of our favorite adventures in Argentina. Find out more, including where to find this special experience, in our article on Mendoza. (Spoiler alert: it cost a lot less than you think!)

Choripan: The South American Hot Dog

Choripan being prepared on the grill. Photo Credit Pablo Guerra
Yum! Chorizo being prepared on the grill. Photo Credit Pablo Guerra

The choripan is a staple on the street food scene of many countries in South America. The Argentinian version is a tasty chorizo sandwich served on a fresh roll with chimichurri made with dried or finely chopped oregano, sometimes parsley, onion, oil, vinegar, and often chile.

Argentinian Steak: One of the Finest Foods to Try in Argentina

Argentine Steak in a must try food in Argentina
Local steak in a must try food in Argentina

Steak from Argentina is considered some of, if not the, best steak in the world. They say it is a combination of the way the cattle is reared, the cut of the meat, and the preparation that makes Argentinian steak so special. While I can’t speak to these techniques specifically, I can attest that Argentinian steak is some of the best I’ve ever tasted! You can find great steak restaurants in towns and restaurants throughout Argenitna or drop into the butcher to pick up a fresh steak to prepare yourself! Perfect to enjoy with a glass of Malbec, the other famous Argentinian export!

The Argentinian Empanada: The BEST Empanadas in South America

I am going on record, Argentina makes the best empanadas! Granted we haven’t been to every country in South America, nor have we tried every empanada street vendor, stall, or restaurant. But we have eaten a fair few and we have found Argentina’s empanadas to be the best quality, the most delicious, the cheapest, and the most consistent. This simple baked pastry stuffed with any number of fillings can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. An empanada vendor is never far away in Argentina and the empananda is definitely one of the must-try foods in Argentina!

Fresh baked empanadas are essential foods to try in Argentina. Photo Credit Jules
Empanadas are essential foods to try in Argentina. Photo Credit Jules


There you have it, some of our favourite foods to try in Argentina! Hopefully your culinary experience of Argentina will be as enjoyable for you as it was for us!

Let us know if you agree or disagree with our list below. What other foods would you include?

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