Discover 4 Unique Childers Wineries on the Childers Wine Trail

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Childers is a town full of surprises and the Childers wineries might just be the most surprising.

A small township of fewer than 2,000 people just inland from Bundaberg has long been renowned for its historic and picturesque streets. But there is more than a pretty picture to be found here.

Childers is located 50 kilometers south-west of Bundaberg, some 300 kilometers north of Queensland’s state capital, Brisbane. A stroll down its central boulevard, Churchill Street, can feel like a trip back in time with dozens of heritage-listed buildings lining the wide leafy avenue. But wander too long and you soon find yourself on the outskirts of the small country town and the iconic buildings give way to the equally iconic red dirt of the Burnett Region. Often associated with the sugar cane which grows abundantly, there is another crop that flourishes here. Grapes.

With the commercial production of grapes, it follows that wineries would be here. And they are. Childers and the surrounding area are home to four wineries each adding their own distinct character to the small but passionate community of grape and wine and producers here. If you are looking for unique and interesting things to do in Childers, you cannot go past a day spent following the Childers wine trail.

The Childers Wineries of The Childers Wine Trail

Hill of Promise Winery and Cellar Door

Two glasses and a bottle of wine from Hill of Promise Winery, one of the best Childers wineries
Hill of Promise Winery is one of the best Childers wineries to visit!

Established by Terry and Mary Byrne, Hill of Promise Winery and Cellar Door was built on the Sicilian traditions passed down through Terry’s family from generation to generation.

A warm and welcoming experience, a visit to this Childers winery is a must for any wine lover traveling through Childers and the first stop on the Childers Wine Trail.

Serving a range of whites, reds and fortified wines, you are sure to find something to your liking. If you enjoy dry wines, try the semillion. Or maybe add a little pizzazz to your party with a sparking muscot. If red wine is your tipple, their 3 Men & the Moon Cab Sav and Shiraz blend is not as overpowering as some Cab Sav/Shiraz blends and is perfect for an evening meal.

And what’s even better? You can enjoy a free tasting of their range of wine varietals at their cellar door!

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Vintner’s Secret Vineyard

Spot the old truck at Vintner’s Secret Vineyard, one of the Childers wineries to visit along the Childers Wine Trail

Vintner’s Secret Vineyard is no secret in Childers. The largest of the Childers wineries, Vintner’s Secret Vineyard is set in the nearby countryside overlooking the rolling hills and pretty farmlands of the Isis Valley. The owners, Marianne and Edward, have been producing wine for over twenty years after retiring from “real” jobs and turning this hobby farm into an award-winning winery.

Vintner’s Secret Vineyard grows all their own grapes at the farm adjacent to the wine cellar and offers the largest selection of wine varieties of the Childers wineries. Their main white variety is the Verdelho, a grape varietal originally from Portugal. With the Verdelho grape variety, you can choose from a dry, sweet, or sparkling wine. We particularly enjoyed the dry Verdelho from Vintner’s Secret Vineyard.

If you prefer reds to whites, then you are in luck! Vintner’s Secret grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz grape varieties. They offer a lovely Shiraz as well as a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot.

Enjoy a free tasting in the cellar door or grab a bottle (or two) to enjoy outside in the garden or on the verandah. Vintner’s Secret Vineyards also runs an onsite cafe that serves lunch, morning/afternoon tea, and cheese boards.

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Brierley Wines

Four wine bottles from Brierley Wines, one of the best Childers wineries on the Childers wine trail.
Sample the range of unique medieval wines from Brierley Wines

The most unique of the Childers wineries is without a doubt Brierley Wines. Run by Tony Brierley, Tony is bringing it back to the basics with traditional old world wines made using a proces that harks back to medieval times.

Tony learned his craft from an Italian winemaker, who over many years revealed to Tony the secrets passed down, generation to generation, preserving this old style of winemaking. After learning the secret, Tony moved to Childers where he has been perfecting his craft for over 27 years.

Don’t expect to find everyday bottleshop wines at Brierley. At Brierley, the wine crafted by Tony is similar in style to wines from regions such as Georgia in Eastern Europe. The wines you will find here are rich and fruity and less refined, less altered than the modern wines found throughout bottle shops and restaurants today.

The traditional winemaking process of Brierley Wines dates back over 8,000 years. And while Tony does not use the ancient traditional ancient Kvevri (clay jars) or the grape varietals traditionally used in Georgia, the methods and process are similar providing the same unique taste.  

So if you are looking for a unique experience in Childers, then stop in at Brierley Wines, the most interesting of all of the Childers wineries!

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Ohana Cider House & Tropical Winery

Two glasses of white wine
Could Ohana Cider House & Tropical Winery be the best of the Childers wineries?

If you are already in Childers you may have seen signs pointing to Ohana Cider House & Tropical Winery. Unfortunately for those only visiting Childers, Ohana Winery has moved to Bundaberg. Fortunately, Bundaberg is only a 50 minute drive from Childers making it close enough to still be included on the Childers Wine Trail especially if you are continuing north on a road trip in Queensland.

Unlike the other Childers wineries, Ohana specializes in apple ciders and exotic fruit based wines not your traditional grape-based wine. Their signature brand Cheeky Tiki Cider is made from the finest apples available in nearby Stanthorpe. Cheeky Tiki Cider offers a range of five different types of ciders from dry to sweet and even a sparkling rose cider!

But if you aren’t a cider lover and prefer to stick to wine, Ohana Winery also offers a range of tropical fruit-based wines. Choose from a wide array of delectable fruit flavors such as mango, pineapple, lychee and more! Or if liquors are what you love, try their cold drip coffee perfect to serve over ice cream in the hot Queensland sun!

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Accommodation in Childers

Had too much wine at the Childers wineries and need a place to sleep for the night? Or looking to make a weekend holiday out of your time in Childers? Here are our favorite picks for where to stay in Childers!

Free Camping

Childers offers free camping directly in the center of town for self-contained campervans and caravans. You can stay for up to 24 hours and toilets are available in the nearby park.

For all other travelers, free camping is available in nearby Apple Creek for 20 hours. Public toilets are available here as well.

Hotel Accommodation

Childers Oasis Motel

Located just off the Bruce Highway, but far enough away to diminish the noise is Childers Oasis Motel. This centrally located hotel has everything you need for an enjoyable stay in Childers. Cozy beds, a refreshing pool, a guest kitchen, Childers Oasis Motel is the perfect place to spend a weekend exploring the Childers wineries and other things to do in Childers.

Are you ready to start discovering the Childers wineries? To avoid disappointment, we recommend calling the Childers wineries in advance to ensure their cellar doors will be open!

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