How to Find the Best Cafe Atherton Tablelands Has to Offer

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If you are in North Queensland and looking for a good cafe, Atherton Tablelands is the place to be. The plateau to the west of Cairns is home to Queensland’s only coffee-producing region with a number of Australia’s best coffee producers.

The coffee Atherton Tablelands is producing is fabulous but the cafes here are also note-worthy. But with so many producers, roasters, cafes, and food markets, touting the best coffee in the Tablelands, discovering the best coffee Atherton Tablelands is producing can be a daunting task.

So to help you plan your weekend in Atherton Tablelands, we went on a search of the best cafe Atherton Tablelands had to offer in each of the towns.

Here is our guide to finding the best coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer.


The Kuranda Markets is home to The Petite Cafe, one of the best cafes Atherton has to offer!

Finding the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer in Kuranda might seem difficult as Kuranda boasts over 10 cafes in just a small radius. And while each has something to offer, here is our pick of where to find the best Atherton coffee in Kuranda.

Cafe Azur – The Blue Jaffle

Cafe Azur – The Blue Jaffle is serving up some of the best coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer. Delicious coffee with tasty jaffles (you will have to visit to find out what a jaffle is!) all reasonably priced. Trust us, you will probably be stopping by here more than once during your time in Kuranda.

The Petit Cafe

No trip to Kuranda is complete without visiting the Kuranda Original Rainforest Markets. And before you go there is no better way to start your morning than with a delicious cup of Atherton coffee as part of your hunt for the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer. Run by a Frenchman, you won’t be disappointed with this coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer. Make sure to grab a delicious crepe as well! Hands down the best creperie in Far North Queensland!


Old ambulance in the Mareeba Heritage Museum and Cofee House

The major coffee plantations in Atherton Tablelands can be found near Mareeba. This is the coffee hub, if you will, for Far North Queensland. So finding the best coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer and surely the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer should be relatively easy.

Mareeba Heritage Coffee House

The Mareeba Museum has capitalized on the coffee drinking culture of Australia by having a delightful little cafe situated inside of the museum. There is literally no other way to reach the cafe without walking past all the exhibits in the museum. Stroll the museum as you wait for your Flat White or sit outside on the deck admiring the old relics and trinkets collected throughout the area. A visit to the Mareeba Heritage Coffee House is a must for any history buff and coffee lover as you explore the coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer.

Jaques Coffee Planation

Jaques Coffee Planation is probably the most popular coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer making it the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer. Located just north of Mareeba a visit to this Atherton cafe is a must for any coffee lover as many locals taut Jaques as the best coffee Atherton Tablelands produces.

A visit to the cafe is a must, but if you are interested in learning more about the process of growing coffee berries (No seriously, a coffee bean really is a berry) and the roasting process, then Jaques Coffee Plantation is the place for you. A self-guided tour with documentary (plus coffee) is run every half hour from 10:30 am – 3:00 pm or you can opt for the personalized guided tour with a detailed tour of the facility.

  • Address: 137 Leotta Rd, Mareeba QLD 4880
  • Hours of Operation: Currently closed due to COVID
  • Tours:
    • Coffee Tour: Every half hour from 10:30 am – 3:00 pm, Adults $15/pp and Children $8/pp
    • Premium Guided Tour: 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm (or by private booking), Adults $75/pp and Children $50/pp


Locally grown coffee Atherton

We were quite disappointed with the coffee Atherton has to offer. Being the center of the Atherton Tablelands, we expected the city to showcase their regional Atherton Tablelands coffee products. Unfortunately, we stopped by two cafes only to realize that these cafes served mass-produced Italian coffee over local homegrown Atherton coffee. We did manage to find one cafe in Atherton serving local Atherton coffee, so make sure to stop by here on your quest to find the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer.


You were probably wondering why we skipped a visit to CoffeeWorks in Mareeba, but now you know. If you plan to have a coffee in each town, skip the main location in Mareeba and head to the Atherton location for delicious local Atherton coffee.

CoffeeWorks is one of the largest coffee roasters in the region. Sourcing the majority of their beans from local coffee plantations, these guys are strictly roasters. Ok maybe not strictly as they also provide a range of other products including tea, chocolate and liquors.

Born out of a vision for delicious coffee in the Rusty Markets of Cairns, Coffee Works has grown into a name synonymous with Atherton coffee. With locations spread throughout Far North Queensland, it would be remiss to skip Coffee Works on your journey to find the best cafe Atheron Tablelands has to offer.


Yunggaburra may be one of the smaller towns in the Atherton Tablelands, but there is no shortage of cafes and coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer here. We will let you decide which is the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer in Yungaburra.

Whistle Stop Cafe

Whistle Stop Cafe in Yungaburra on our hunt for the best cafe Atherton Tablelands had to offer
The Whistle Stop Cafe is the most picturesque cafe in all of the Atherton Tablelands!

The Whistle Stop Cafe located in the old bank building of downtown Yungaburra is the perfect locally owned business to grab a coffee. Sit in the back courtyard and enjoy the morning birds chirping as you sip your perfectly prepared Flat White.

And if you are hungry, the Whistle Stop Cafe also serves a delicious breakfast with the french toast and bacon being a particular favorite!

  • Address: 36 Cedar St, Yungaburra QLD 4884
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Monday – Wednesday & Friday – Saturday: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
    • Thursday: Closed
    • Sunday: 7:00 am – 2:30 pm

Altitude Cafe

Get your locally roasted Atherton coffee at Altitude

If you are headed out to Lake Barrin or Lake Eacham in Crater National Park, make sure to grab a coffee from Altitude Cafe. Altitude roasts their own beans and knows their way around an espresso machine too. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee on the go before heading to the lakes or even to enjoy a lazy weekend brunch (Altitude gets busy over the weekend so be sure to book ahead).

Millaa Millaa

No trip to Atherton is complete without visiting the most famous Atherton waterfall

You will inevitably find yourself in Millaa Millaa during your weekend in the Atherton Tablelands. Home to the most popular and picturesque waterfall in Atherton, this quaint country town should be be on everyone’s Atherton Tablelands itinerary.

Barista in the Mist

As the only cafe in Millaa Millaa, finding the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer here is rather easy. And being the only real cafe in town, Barista in the Mist is serving up delicious locally grown coffee. And if supporting local is important to you, these guys are also serving coffees with the locally produced Mungalli Creek Dairy milk products.

And trust me, if you haven’t tried their milk you are seriously missing out. Even the lactose free milk is delicious! Treat yourself to a delicious Flat White from Barista in the Mist as you continue your trip to see the best waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands.

  • Address: 8 Main St, Millaa Millaa QLD 4886
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Monday – Tuesday: 6:30 am – 2:30 pm
    • Wednesday – Thursday: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
    • Friday – Saturday: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm
    • Sunday: 6:30 am – 5:30 pm


Get local barista-brewed coffee at Queensland’s highest pub, The Ravenshoe Hotel

Ravenshoe is Queensland’s highest city located 920 meters above sea level and is a great stopping off point on your way to see Millstream Falls, Australia’s widest single drop fall. But before you go to Millstream Falls, continue your journey for the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer.

The Ravenshoe Hotel

A popular overnight stop on a Far North Queensland road trip for vanlifers, a stop at the Ravenshoe Hotel is not to be missed. And with no true cafe in town, the guys at The Ravenshoe Hotel have capitalized on the market. With freshly made barista brewed coffee, yummy brekky wraps and more, this is the place to be in the mornings in Ravenshoe.

And if you are on a Australia road trip, camping is free as long as you purchase food and beverage at the hotel.

Gordonvale and Babinda

This barista prepared coffee is the best coffee Atherton Tablelands has to offer!

If you are headed to the Atherton Tablelands from the coast, you most likely will find yourself in either Gordonvale or Babinda before heading inland.

Trolley Coffee

Okay, not technically part of the Atherton Tablelands, if you are passing through either Babinda or Gordonvale, do stop by for some of the best barista-prepared coffee in the region.

So, do you think you are equipped to find the best cafe Atherton Tablelands has to offer? And did you manage to find the best coffee Atherton Tablelands grows? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you.

Looking for other great things to do in the Atherton Tablelands besides drink coffee? Check out our Atherton Tablelands itinerary for other great advice for a long weekend exploring waterfalls, national parks, and local products.

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