The yellow and orange sunset over the Yarapa River on an excursion with The Treehouse Lodge Peru in the Amazon jungle.
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Treehouse Lodge Peru: A Once in a Lifetime Amazon Experience

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It is not every day that you set out to explore the Amazon in Peru. When my mother told me she wanted to do something different for her 60th birthday, I knew just the thing so for Christmas that year I purchased two tickets to Peru to explore the best bits of Peru that we could pack into a two-week-long holiday.

One of the highlights of our trip was our once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Treehouse Lodge Peru. From sleeping atop the canopies with the birds to exploring the abundance of nature from deep, well not so deep, within the Amazon rainforest, our trip to the Treehouse Lodge in Peru was nothing short of amazing.

What to Expect at The Treehouse Lodge Peru: Honest Treehouse Lodge Peru Reviews

A swinging canopy bridge made of wood and string in the Amazon rainforest at the Treehouse Lodge Peru
Hope you aren’t scared of heights!

Before our trip in 2018, we did not know what to expect visiting a lodge in the Amazon. Would it be like other all-inclusive resorts given that it was in fact in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon? So many questions, but very little information about staying in a treehouse lodge in the Amazon. There is one thing we knew for sure of this Amazon lodge was we would be sleeping in a treehouse. Well, a treehouse of sorts as this jungle treehouse is a lot bigger (and more stable) than most of the treehouses that I remember growing up. It reminds me of Peter Pan, but for adults.

High in the canopy of the Amazon jungle with many overlooking the nearby river, large treehouses are connected through suspension bridges and spiral staircases. These treehouses offer spectacular views of the ancient rainforest for as far as the eye can see.

Each room includes access to a cold shower and toilet despite being a tree house lodge and being in the middle of the Amazon jungle. The lodge only accommodates 20 people (maybe a few more if each room were to have three guests) and offers the one-on-one experience desired while visiting this remote part of the world.

Each reservation or group includes one personal guide who will accompany you throughout your stay on the various excursions and adventures of your choosing.

What to Do at The Treehouse Lodge Peru

I already mentioned that at the Treehouse Lodge in Iquitos, a guide accompanies each group throughout their stay on different activities in the Amazon jungle.

There are more than 18 different excursions available to those who visit the Treehouse Lodge Peru although really most of them are duplicates just offered at different times of the day. Here is an abbreviated version of the list of excursions available at the Treehouse Lodge Peru.

Sunrise or Sunset with the Dolphins

The yellow and orange sunset over the Yarapa River on an excursion with The Treehouse Lodge Peru in the Amazon jungle.
The sunset over the Yarapa River

Start or end your day cruising along the Yarapa River in hopes to spot dolphins. The Yarapa River is home to both the pink and gray dolphins. We took the sunset cruise and greatly enjoyed viewing the sunset as well as the elusive pink dolphins. Make sure to pack your raincoat on this one as afternoon storms can arise anytime in the Amazon and we were quickly caught off guard!

Fish for Piranhas

A girl holding a stack of piranhas caught for dinner at the Treehouse Lodge Peru
Looks like someone’s eating piranhas for dinner at The Treehouse Lodge Peru!

Perhaps my favorite of all of the activities we did was to fish for piranhas. Known for their mighty bite, I was quite surprised to find that the piranha is actually pretty small in terms of fish. And even though the piranhas were quite small, we took them back to the lodge for a lite pre-dinner snack served up by the chef!

Jungle Walks

A tarantula in the Amazon jungle on a tree
You wouldn’t want to get bit by this guy in the Amazon rainforest!

There are four different types of jungle walks to choose from as an excursion at the Treehouse Lodge Peru. You can enjoy a jungle walk to learn about the medicinal plants of the Amazon, to discover the giant water lilies of the Oxbow lagoon, to spot the elusive nocturnal animals such as the sloth, or to be creeped out by the millions (literally) of insects that are active throughout the jungle at night.

We enjoyed many of the walks during our stay at the Treehouse Lodge with the exception of the nighttime walk. Needless to say, my desire to see some of the Amazon’s most unique creatures was overcome by my abhorrence to all things creepy crawly.

If I were to visit again, I would make sure to pack a mosquito head net or a hat with a mosquito net attached to it. A few minutes with my headlamp on, I was done being the human equivalent of a car windscreen.

Jungle Cruises

A hawk going after its prey on the bank of a river on a jungle cruise at the Treehouse Lodge Peru
A hawk going after its prey spotted on a jungle cruise at the Treehouse Lodge Peru

Even though the Yarapa River is not quite the Amazon River, the wildlife that feeds on the riverbank and the creatures that swim within are one and the same. And one of the best ways to experience this wildlife is from the safety of a boat. Make sure to keep all limps in the boat at all times or the piranhas and crocs might get you!


A yellow, blue and red toucan sitting in the tree in the Amazon rainforest.
Just a toucan doing what toucans do!

There is something fascinating about watching birds. Maybe it is the fact that they can soar high above the clouds looking down on the world below. Or maybe it is their beautiful colors.

The Amazon is home to a countless number of birds each doing well fantastic bird things. Take a journey specifically to spot as many of these amazing creatures as you can or combine your birdwatching experience with one of the other excursions such as fishing for piranhas.

Blow Dart Workshop

My mother is an adventurer and never misses the opportunity to do anything. So when she read the list of things to do, she quickly told our guide she wanted to do it all and that is just what she did.

While a blow dart workshop might be geared at children, my mother and I had such a great time building this blow dart gun and then competing to see who was best (the winner gets a beer). It was such a great time enjoyed in the Amazon learning about the tools the indigenous people used in the past (and still use today).

Visit a Nearby Local Community

One of the more unique things to do while staying at the Treehouse Lodge Peru is to visit one of the nearby local communities. Understanding and engaging with the locals is a great way to truly appreciate life in the Amazon and to understand the similarities and differences within your own life.

What is Included in the Price of the Treehouse Lodge Peru

Like any other Amazon rainforest resort or Iquitos lodge, there are many things included in the price of the rainforest tree house accommodation. And while the Treehouse Lodge Peru touts itself as being the “only all-inclusive treehouse lodge in the Amazon” you can be sure that this all-inclusive quotation comes with some exceptions. So I am here to tell you what is included during your stay.

  • Acccommodation (duh)
  • Transportation to/from Iquitos airport
    • Transportation will be at the convienence of the Treehouse Lodge over the guest, so make sure to think twice before booking a flight. We booked an evening flight out of Iquitos and needed to sit in the airport for a bit before departure.
  • Three meals a day
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., water and juice)
  • Spanish / English speaking guide
    • To be honest, our guide Spanglish as opposed to English. We managed to get by on our limited knowledge of Spanish, but it would have been nice to have a guide with … of English.
  • Excursions

And what is not included….

  • Alcohol
    • And trust me, you are going to want a beer after a hot humid day in the Amazonian rainforest.
  • Tips
    • And everyone at the treehouse resort expects you to tip.
  • Personal expenses / souvenirs
    • This is a given, right?

What to Pack for the Treehouse Lodge Peru

The question that people probably struggle over the most when preparing for any trip “what to pack?” and what to pack to visit the Treehouse Lodge Peru is no exception. You may be thinking that it will be so hot that you will only want shorts. Trust me on this one, you are going to want to keep those legs covered from the mosquitos. So, what do you pack for the Amazon? Here is a list of all of the things that I packed on my trip to the Peruvian Amazon (and a few things that I wish I would have packed as well).

Would I Recommend the Treehouse Lodge Peru?


It is not every day that you get to visit the Amazon, and the Treehouse Lodge offers an amazingly unique experience.

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