The Cathedral in Valladolid at sunset

What to Do (and More) in Valladolid

Valladolid is a charming colonial town located in the Yucatan Peninsula. A lesser-known city on the tourist circuit. If you do have the chance to visit, you will be pleasantly surprised by the city’s charm and the warmth of the locals.

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The colourful streets of Campeche

What to Do in Campeche, the Yucatan’s Beautiful Port City

Campeche has a beautifully preserved and historic old town, a culinary pedigree that stretches back hundreds of years and it is located close to white-sand beaches and ancient Mayan ruins. So, it’s difficult to say why the harbour town doesn’t enjoy the reputation of some of the cities further along the Yucatan peninsula such as Merida, Cancun or Tulum. But the deserted feeling within the old town, without tourists or the things that might lure them here, suggest that perhaps Campeche doesn’t really want that reputation. And that’s understandable. Find out everything you need to know to explore Campeche before it becomes the next big thing on the Yucatan.

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The Best Waterfalls in Chiapas

The ultimate guide to the best waterfalls in Chiapas. From the mighty El Chiflon, to picture-perfect las Nubes, to the stuninng Agua Azul. Find out which of Chiapas’ waterfalls to see and how to see them.

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