Free Camping Queensland: The 10 Best Spots from Brisbane to Cape York

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What is better than an amazing campsite? A amazing FREE campsite. Having spent the better part of two years on the road, we love a good free campsite. Free camping in Queensland, however, is not always as easy as it is in other parts of the world.

Many of the best free campsites in Queensland require you to be self-contained (aka, you need a loo). But if you look hard enough there is free camping in Queensland for everyone.

Some of the best free camping Queensland has to offer can be found along the stunning coast between the state capital Brisbane in the south to the very top of Cape York.

So if you are headed on a road trip from Brisbane to Cape York, Brisbane to Cairns, or somewhere in between, and if you are looking for a good free camp that welcomes every type of traveler then this list of the best free campsites in QLD is perfect for you!

Free Camping Queensland: Bouldercombe

When you think of the best campsites in Queensland, you are probably thinking of campsites tucked behind the sand dunes of pristine white sand beaches. And while there are a handful of these available, there is also something to be said for the small towns that are supporting and cultivating an all-inclusive travel style.

The tiny town of Bouldecombe, outside of Bundaberg, is one town welcoming travelers from all walks of life to their charming community. Run by locals, with support of the Lion’s Club, these guys known the true meaning of travel and country hospitality.

With so many free campsites throughout Australia catering only to self-contained vehicles, it is a pleasant surprise when locals support all types of travel regardless of your budget and means. With a toilet block, fire pits, and gold coin operated showers, it is the perfect stopover as you make your way up or down the Bruce Highway.

Just remember to be respectful and keep the grounds clean, so that people can continue to enjoy the hospitality of Bouldercombe.

Free Camping Queensland: Notch Point Campground (Yarrawonga Park Reserve)

A girl on her laptop with a small table in front of her overlooking the seaa at low tide and the sun set at Notch Point Campground which free camping Queensland.
Working from our campsite at Notch Point, one of the best free camping Queensland has to offer!

Free camping Rockhampton to Mackay doesn’t get much better than Notch Point Campground. Tucked away on a headland, Notch Point Campground is surely one of the most picturesque free campsites on a road trip from Brisbane to Cape York and is one of my favorite free camping spots in Queensland!

Behind a gate and down a long dirt road, you will find a stunning headland surrounded by crystal clear blue waters. Resident cows wander down during the evening for a feed and to take in the views over the beautiful bay with the hinterland behind.

People are allowed to stay for 7 days in a 21 day period. Make sure you take everything you need for camping here as there are no facilities available.

Useful Information

Free Camping Queensland: Endeavor Park Camping Area

Looking for another free camping from Rockhampton to Mackay? Look no further than Endeavor Park Camping Area. Set in the stunning Stanage Bay approximately 2.5 hours north of Rockhampton, the remote location of Stanage Bay which can only be accessed via a 100-kilometer corrugated track is one of the reasons camping here is so great. Avid fishermen will also enjoy spending a few days wetting their line in the clear blue waters here.

Despite its remote location, there is a local pub where you can grab a cold beer. Fuel, gas, Telstra mobile phone reception and TV reception are all available at the Endeavor Park Camping Area. There are also coin-operated showers and laundromat facilities available.

Useful Information

  • Location: Stanage Bay
  • Donation-Based: Yes
  • Facilities: Toilets and showers
  • Water: Limited
  • Cell Coverage: Telstra

Free Camping Queensland: Peter Faust Lake

Peter Faust Damn Photo by Greditdesu

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays should be on any Queensland road trip bucket list. Unfortunately, due to the extreme popularity of this area, free camping is all but outlawed throughout Airlie Beach and the surrounding communities. Finding a place to stay for free is tricky unless you want to try your luck at stealth camping.

One exception is the Peter Faust Lake located approximately 45 minutes from Airlie Beach and just 20 minutes outside of Prosperpine.

On the shores of the pretty damn, there is ample space for campers to set up. The lake is popular among anglers and boaties who come here to enjoy the scenic damn.

The local council provides a free camping spot for travelers with a maximum stay of 72 hours for all types of travelers. Amenities include a toilet block and coin operated showers. The only downside is that there is no cell service available, so if you work remotely or need to be connected, this might not be a great option for you.

Useful Information

Free Camping Queensland: Crystal Creek Camping

A tree along Crystal Creek while wild camping near Townsville
Wild camping where Crystal Creek meets the sea near Townsville

There are only a handful of spots that offer beach front free camping in Queensland, but Crystal Creek just north of Townsville is one of the best. Down a long dirt road, you will find several pull out locations to park directly on the beach. Unfortunately, swimming is ill-advised in croc country, but camping on the beach is still pretty great regardless.

Note: There is sometimes large amounts of trash at the campsite. Please be mindful of guests coming after you and pick up after yourself so that we can all take advantage of the amazing free camping Queensland has to offer.

Useful Information

  • Location: 8 Barrilgie Rd, Coolbie QLD 4850 (The location provided is to the Mobil gas station which is the turn off point. Continue down this road until you find the beach. Just be careful not to take the wrong road and end up on private property.)
  • Donation-Based: No
  • Facilities: None
  • Water: None
  • Cell Coverage: Telstra 4G

Free Camping Queensland: Home Hill

The reason Home Hill is on the list is for one thing, but a pretty important thing. FREE SHOWERS! Finding a place to shower sometimes can be a challenge if you are free camping and when you do, you most certainly have to pay extra for it. But the Home Hill Comfort Stop lets you take a five minute shower for absolutely nothing.

The camping itself isn’t too flash with simply parking on a side street near the train station. But if you travel for long enough, you will quickly realize that sometimes there are few things greater than a nice hot shower.

Useful Information

  • Location:
  • Donation-Based: No
  • Facilities: Toilets and hot showers
  • Water:
  • Cell Coverage: Telstra 4G

Free Camping Queensland: Balgal Bay Camping

Balgal Bay located 60 km north of Townsville is the one of the best free camping Queensland has to offer. Whether you are traveling in your van or caravan or whether you are doing it the old fashion way with a tent, Balgal Bay has a place for you.

With two campgrounds, one for those sleeping in their vehicle and one for those sleeping in a tent, there is plenty of room for everyone. Make sure to take some time to walk along the beach to soak in the tranquil, relaxing atomsphere of Balgal Bay.

There is only a small corner store selling fish & chips, burgers & basic non-perishable items, so make sure to bring with you everything you would need during your stay.

Useful Information

Looking to stay in and around the Townsville area? Check out our list of the best free camping spots near Townsville.

Free Camping Queensland: Babinda

The Babinda Boulders, a creek with large stone boulders running through it near one of the best free camping Queensland spots
The Babinda Boulders, the most notable attraction to see in Babinda

Babinda maybe a tiny town, but free camping Queensland doesn’t get much better than in Babinda.

The town is most notable for the massive amount of rain it receives, Queensland’s highest mountain, Mt. Bartle-Freer and the Babinda Boulders, the confluence of three creeks which descend off Bartle Frere, flowing through impressive granite pools and boulders before disappearing into the rainforest oncemore.

Stopping in Babinda should be on everyone’s bucket list on a road trip to Far North Queensland.

The town offers not one but two awesome free campsites. The fist close to town, offers a massive space fringed by rainforest and a crystal clear creek. On-site new, well maintained amenities include toilets, $1 coin operated hot showers, tables and barbecues.

A second campground just outside the Babainda Boulders attraction offers similar facilities but a smaller sized camping area. The Babinda Boulders Campground doesn’t have mobile phone reception so prepare to unplug.

The small country town itself has everything you need to enjoy a pleasant night or even a few days. Make sure to check out the local bakery for delicious bread and the butcher for quality local meats. Trolley Coffee is some of the best we’ve found in Queensland. And if you are too tired from driving to cook, the local pizza parlor even delivers to the Babinda campground!

Useful Information

Free Camping Queensland: Gordonvale

Overlooking the town of Gordonvale and sugar cane fields from the top of Walshs Pyramid
Overlooking the Gordonvale free camping Queensland site from the top of Walshs Pyramid

Anorther fantastic community provided free camp ground that rivals many paid caravan parks is the Gordonvale campsite.

Located just 25 km south of Cairns, it is an easy drive into Cairns to visit all of the local attractions if you don’t want to spring for a caravan park in the city.

The Gordonvale rest area provides an amenities block complete with toilets and $1 coin operated hot showers. Make sure to get there early as Gordonvale is an extremely popular campsite and spots may not be available.

Gordonvale is also the starting point for hiking Walshs Pyramid which is a steep ascent of 900 m over a 3.2 km hike. The views at the top look back over Gordonvale to Cairns across sugar cane fields for which the area has in abundance.

Extend your trip and with this great Atherton Tablelands itinerary!

Useful Information

  • Address: Gordonvale QLD 4865
  • Maximum Stay: 72 hours
  • Facilities: Toilets and $1 coin operated showers
  • Water: Potable
  • Cost: Free
  • Mobile Reception: Yes – Good Telstra 4G
  • Camping Type: All types of campers are welcome

Free Camping Queensland: Roonga Point

The sunsetting over an island with a car on the mainland at one of the best free camping Queensland has to offer in Cape York.
Free camping Queensland doesn’t get much better than at the Tip!

For those brave enough to make the journey to the tip of Australia on Cape York, you will be rewarded with some of the best free camping Queensland has to offer. Though there is plenty of free camping on the Cape, Roonga Point offers some of the best. With stunning lookouts over the Torres Strait and the nearby islands it is the perfect place to relax for a few days after a taxing drive to mainland Australia’s most northern point.

Spend your days relaxing in the sun, fishing in the crystal clear waters, and visiting some of the nearby attractions.

There are no facilities at Roonga Point, so make sure to take everything you need with you. Check out our article on the complete Cape York trip checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

Useful Information

  • Address: Esplanade, Punsand QLD 4876
  • Facilities: None
  • Water: Potable
  • Cost: Free
  • Mobile Reception: Yes – Some Telstra 4G
  • Camping Type: All types of 4WD campers are welcome

These are all of the best free camping Queensland has to offer on a road trip from Brisbane to Cape York! Let us know if we missed any or if you agree with our favorites!

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