Be More Self-Reliant: 7 Products for Self-Sufficiency

Be More Self-Reliant: 7 Products for Self-Sufficiency

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7 Clever Products to Be More Self-Reliant in the Van or Home

We recently wrote a post detailing ways to be more self-reliant in your own home, as a way to promote self-isolation during the pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Following up on these tips, here are seven simple products that can promote self-sufficiency and allow you to isolate for longer, whether you are headed for a remote camping destination in the van or locked-down in your own home.

Herb Garden

Not everyone has the space for a full-size garden, but everyone can at least make sure they are self-sufficient when it comes to flavour. A hanging herb garden can fit in the tiniest van or studio apartment. It will brighten up your living space and elevate your cooking game.

Campfire Grill

Whether you have run out of gas for the cooker or just feel like doing something in the great outdoors. What could be more self-reliant then cooking over the camp fire? To … you need a campfire grill. This simple grill with a stand makes campfire cooking simple.

Home Brew Kit

As pubs and restaurants across the world are forced to shut, one sobering thought has surely crossed everyone’s mind. ‘What if bottle-os (liquor stores) are next on the chopping block?’

Besides keeping the boredom at bay, this hobby can ensure your beer supply is not in jeopardy.

Sewing Kit

Basic sewing, the ability to make small repairs or alterations, is a skill everyone should know. What better time to learn this essential self-sufficient skill than when you are at home practicing social distancing. A simple hand sewing kit is affordable and much cheaper than throwing out clothes every time they need mending.

Solar Generator

Not everyone has the roof space on their van or house to mount permanent solar panelling, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t benefit from solar technology. As solar technology develops and the price of solar continues to tumble solar power is now more accessible than ever before.

A good place to start, if you can’t mount your own panels (for example if you rent or live in an apartment) is a solar generator. A solar generator can help keep lights, phones and laptops powered during an outage. The energy generated is clean, quiet and doesn’t cost anything is fuel.

Hair Dressing Scissors and Clippers

Whether your travelling through a country where you don’t speak the language very well or the hairdressers and barbers have been forced to shut down due to pandemic, it never hurts to have a plan B. A set of clippers and hair cutting scissors can help keep you neater between visits to the salon.

Fishing Gear

What better way to be self-reliant than to hunt your own food. If you’ve got access to a water source, fishing is good way to increase your self-sufficiency and while away an afternoon whether you are camping in the wilderness or self-isolating.

What do you think of our list? Do you have any other ideas for products to help you be more self-reliant? Let us know in the comments below!

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